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The Sky Is Falling!

Angel wakes up, shirtless and panting (?), in the mansion. Strega wakes up screaming.

Cut to Sunnydale's main drag. A weatherman on a TV in a shop window says that the temperature will be in the high seventies all weekend. Angel agitatedly walks by, and runs into Buffy, whose arms are full of Christmas gifts. Okay, what's with her hair? I can't really even describe it. Suffice it to say that no girl over the age of six should wear her hair like that. Buffy looks pleased to see him, and tries to make small talk. Angel says he couldn't sleep. They chat awkwardly for a bit until Buffy says she should finish her shopping. Angel isn't hearing her, however, as he's noticed that Daniel is standing in the street. The string music -- which I'll call The Victim's Viola -- starts up again, and I'm tired of it already. Buffy notices Angel's expression and turns, but Daniel's disappeared. Buffy asks what's wrong. Angel looks gobsmacked. Credits.

I'm doing this recap from DVD, so no old commercials. Sorry!

School. There's a wreath on a classroom door. Wow, is it Christmas? Buffy, Willow, and Xander walk out of a class. Buffy's filling them in on her encounter with Angel. She's worried about how weird he was acting. Yeah, I seem to recall that he changed facial expressions. Willow suggests that she mention it to Giles, but Buffy thinks that Angel is still a touchy subject for Giles. Xander: "Oh, it must be that whole 'Angel killed his girlfriend and tortured him' thing. Yeah, Giles is pretty petty when it comes to stuff like that." No, Xander, I'm pretty sure the petty one is you. Also, shut up. Buffy doesn't smack him, but simply tells him to chill. Willow speculates that Angel might have the holiday blues, and with a fairly subtle facial expression manages to convey how much she misses Oz. Buffy says that she's frustrated at her chance meeting with Angel, since she'd been avoiding contact with him. She says, "I just want a nice, quiet Christmas vacation." That'll happen. And -- "quiet." Good idea. Maybe I'll watch "Hush" instead of this crap.

The camera follows the gang to another room. There's a tree in the foreground. Do you think it might be Christmas? Xander asks Buffy what she's doing for Christmas, and she says she's spending it with Joyce. Buffy in turn asks Willow her plans. Willow reminds her that she's Jewish, and snarks that "not everyone worships Santa." Heh. They approach the lounge, and Xander sees Cordelia sitting on a padded bench. Willow laments that she and Oz had holiday plans. Xander volunteers that he'll be spending Christmas Eve in a sleeping bag outside, for his "annual Christmas Eve camp-out." Cordy rises and approaches them. Xander looks like he's bracing himself to get hit by a tidal wave. He nervously goes on that he likes the "nature vibe," but Cordy cuts in, "I thought you slept outside to avoid your family's drunken Christmas fights." Ouch. Xander is chagrined at that overshare. Cordy says that she'll be skiing in Aspen, "with actual snow." Buffy holds her off: "I hear that helps." Cordy muses that it'll be a drag for them stuck in "Sweatydale." Yeah, the high seventies are torture. She finishes, "But I'm thinking of you." She pauses. "Okay, I'm done." She leaves. Hee. Way less snarky than I expected, though. Buffy sniffs that Cordy's "reverted to form," but Willow defends her, and Xander says that Willow's got the Christmas spirit. Willow: "Hello, still Jewish! Chanukah spirit, I believe that was!" Okay, we get it. Shades of "gay now." Sheesh. Willow explains that forgiveness is a big thing with her this year. As she's talking, we see Buffy's face go rigid. Willow looks up, and it's Oz. Whee! Xander shifts uncomfortably. Oz greets Willow: "Hey." Instead of swooning on the spot, Willow manages a "hey" back.

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