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The Sky Is Falling!

Cut to the main drag. The TV weather guy is announcing that due to a severe cold front, Sunnydale is getting its first snow ever, and that they won't see the sun at all that day. Buffy and Angel walk down the street holding hands. The clouds suddenly part, and Angel's incinerated. Not really, but I'd still be laughing. Plus, then maybe Spike would have gone to L.A. and set up the detective agency. I can just picture it:

Cordelia: Spike Investigations. We help the helpless.
Random Woman: Oh good. I have this problem...
Spike: Sod off.

I could watch that in an endless feedback loop. Anyway, there's at least a foot of very fake-looking snow on the street. It's probably the nicest moment Buffy and Angel have ever shared. That's really sad. The end.

Well, except for my rant. Let me say first that I didn't hate most of this episode. It was heavy-handed, sure, but it had plenty of good parts. This last scene, though...first of all, I find it hard to buy that Angel would give up and kill himself. This is the man who endured hundreds of years of torture, remember? But more importantly, I could have lived with the massively cheesy dialogue if Buffy had gotten through to Angel that his life was worth something. And the happy ending doesn't really bother me -- we've certainly been sadly lacking in that department lately. But this divine snow and eclipse, I just can't buy. One reason "The Wish" worked as an It's A Wonderful Life takeoff was that we knew Buffy's existence had made such a positive difference to the world. But at this point, there's really no reason to think that Angel's life is worth saving. Even with what's happened since then on Buffy and Angel, I don't think it's at all clear. I suppose it's something you have to take on faith, and my fundamental problem with this ending is that I don't. Well, that and all the cheese.

I made it through this episode. I am a righteous recapper. A righteous recapper who can never, ever have any dairy products again.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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