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My best friend went to hell and all I got was this dumb t-shirt

Der Zauber Kasten. The seeds of doubt that Spike planted in Xander's head have germinated, and he asks Tara if she knew of any possible consequences of the resurrection spell. He pussyfoots around the issue when he wonders if there were any way that anyone could have known. Tara immediately and vehemently defends Willow, saying that she's a gifted witch who wouldn't "do anything to hurt anyone." Dude. Remove the love goggles and tell it to Bambi's cold and rotting corpse. Xander verbally retreats from Tara's outburst, but they're interrupted by Willow's research breakthrough. Tara and Xander join her at the counter as she quickly explains to everyone that the resurrection spell didn't release a demon but, in fact, created one. Oh, good job. Giles isn't even gone for twelve hours and you guys have gone from fighting demons to setting up your own Demon Fun Factory. Willow clarifies that the demon is the "price" of getting Buffy back. Dawn doesn't understand, so Willow says that they asked for the "gift" of Buffy back, but the universe made them take the demon too. Anya utters my favorite line of the episode: "Well, technically that's not a price. That's a gift with purchase." Ha! I think I would have been more entertained if the demon had turned out to be a host of tiny little sample-size demons in a garish plastic purse. Xander wants to know how they can dispose of the demon, since it seems to be stuck here without a body, but Willow warns that if they send it away, it would be as if they had never done the spell in the first place. At this news, Dawn becomes agitated. "If you think you can give her back to me, and then take her away again? You can't mess with people's lives this way." Word. Willow reassures Dawn that they're not going to send Buffy back. Dawn turns on the other Scoobs, demanding, "How can you let her do this?" Tara and Xander both assure Dawn that they'll find a solution. Willow's attention is drawn back to her book, and she grins happily because she discovered that the demon is only temporary. In fact, the only way that it can get its green card is if it kills Buffy. Immediately, Xander's eyes go white and he growls, "Thanks for the tip." Stupid demon. If he had kept his borrowed trap shut, the Scoobs would never have figured out his plan in time.

Buffy comes home after, presumably, either patrolling or spending the night with Spike and y'know? I can't fight this anymore. It's obvious where the writers are going. I don't agree with it AT ALL but I can't pretend that it's not happening. Fine. I give up. If Buffy wants to come back from heaven and sleep with an unrepentant murderer, fine. So be it. Buffy ascends the stairs, a mist following behind her. So first it's a bubble and now it's all demons in the mist? I don't get it, again.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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