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My best friend went to hell and all I got was this dumb t-shirt

At Xander's, Anya and Xander are in bed. Xander is sleeping, but Anya can't. Maybe because she's wearing full daytime make-up and finds that uncomfortable? Just a thought. Anyway, she talks to Xander and bugs him to wake up, but he doesn't until the phone rings. As he reaches for the phone, Anya climbs out of bed. Willow explains that something attacked them, and Xander suggests they get out of the house. In the background, Anya walks back into the room. Suddenly we see the scariest damn thing I have seen in a long time. It's a close-up of Anya. She giggles maniacally and slashes her face open with a knife, Her eyes are blank white orbs. So, so disturbing. Man, that really embiggens the wiggens, ya know? Anya cackles and cackles and cuts and then slumps to the ground when Xander snatches the knife away. We see that now her face is uncut. The bubble from the Summers' house glides along under the carpet and then out of the room. Is there more than one? How could it be at Buffy's and then suddenly at Xander's?

Next day. Xander, Anya, Willow, and Tara are sitting in the sun in the Summers' back yard. Xander exclaims, "Very bad. Very, very, very bad. Bad!" Man, I totally agree! It's not just bad, it's awful. How could you let Anya out of the house wearing a floral blouse and pinstriped pants? Oh, he was talking about the other horror. The one that visited in the night. Anya suggests that the entity is a "hitchhiker" that caught a ride on Buffy's soul as it was released from Hell. She frankly concludes that it was a bad idea to bring Buffy back. They discuss whether they can kill the entity, and then Buffy arrives on the scene. She looks wan, but much better in a tasteful black blouse and jeans. Tara asks if she feels okay, but Buffy ignores the question. Anya informs her that she brought a demon back from Hell with her, but Willow assures Buffy she needn't worry. Slowly, with difficulty, Buffy explains how the photographs the night before changed to look like "dead bodies." La la. The Scoobies are so happy to have Buffy back. She just says, "We should get to work."

Der Zauber Kasten. The gang plus Dawn are doing research on demons that can ride between dimensions. They have a short list of suspects, but aren't sure where to begin. Willow is trying to make a plan when Buffy glooms, "I miss Giles." You and me both, honey. Wouldn't it be nice to have an actual adult, who has rather a selfless love for you, to talk to right now? I have many stages of grief to go through before I recover from my loss of Giles. Actually, I'm really starting to resent that Buffy has been purged of all of the adults. Watching the syndicated first-season episodes really drives home how many more adults used to be on the show. Parents, teachers, principals, Giles, Joyce. It gave the show an air of reality, as there are very few teenagers and twenty-year-olds who operate in an adult-free vacuum. Also, Mutant Enemy should realize that their long-term fans, the ones with the show since the beginning, are now six years older than they were when the show started. I realize they want to add youngsters to their audience, but what about the people who have grown up with the show? ["What about the thirty-three-year-old recappers who just can't accept Spike as the only grown-up?" -- Ace] Willow tells Buffy that Giles is coming back, but Buffy just stands up and says she's going to patrol. She doesn't want anyone to come with her. As she walks out, Dawn calls after her, "You should go. I'll be safe here with the others. Don't worry about me." And I'm all "awwww" and sad for Dawn because Buffy doesn't seem very interested in her, until we get a close-up of Dawn's face. She has the scary fried-egg eyes of demon possession and gives a creepy smile.

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