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My best friend went to hell and all I got was this dumb t-shirt

Upstairs, Buffy stands in her dark room and stares at herself in the mirror.

Down the hall, Willow and Tara get ready for bed; Willow says she called Giles and he'll be heading back as soon as he can. I feel cheated. I would really have liked to see that conversation and Giles's reaction to the news. I can't just suddenly start pretending that Giles isn't important. That his love for Buffy isn't important. But I feel like Mutant Enemy already wants me to just forget about the guy. Willow assures Tara that everything is fine, she's not worried, but Tara urges her to share her real feelings. Closing the door, Willow muses about how intense the experience must have been for Buffy, and how Angel came back "wild" after his tenure in hell. The witchlets lie in bed, and Tara hugs Willow to help stop the "noise" in her head. Stroking Tara's arm, Willow finally gets to the heart of her feelings -- she's all, "I wanted her to be happy and grateful and say she loves me the best." Not really, but close enough. Tara: "You thought she'd...be more grateful." Willow: "Would I be a terrible person if I said yes?" Tara: Doesn't answer. Seriously, she changes the subject. I'm with you, Tara. Willow is acting pretty horribly.

We hear Tara's voice as we see Buffy sitting on the edge of her bed. I'm not sure if that's supposed to mean that Buffy could overhear their whole conversation. She picks up a framed picture of her, Willow, and Xander and then sets it down again. Then she looks at her mirror, which is decorated with happy pictures of her and the gang. As she stares, the little faces in the pictures suddenly become death's heads, skulls every one. Creepy! But hey, it could be a spin-off for Halloween: Ghoul Buffy and her L'il Friends. Anyway, Buffy blinks and the pictures go back to normal.

After sitting through a number of ads for From Hell starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham as British people, I vow to never complain about Spike's accent again. Oh wait, I never did complain that much. Well, anybody who has complained about Spike's accent should see this ad and get some perspective. There's worse stuff out there.

Smash! Something glass breaks right over the sleeping Willow and Tara. They wake and spot Buffy at the end of the bed. She makes with the crazy talk, which includes calling the witches "filthy little bitches rattling the bones," but also includes some references to Willow's fawnicide. Rant, rant, and she throws another glass knick-knack. Willow flips on the light, but Buffy's gone and there's no broken glass in their bed. The witches peek into Buffy's room; she's asleep in bed. Back in their room, Tara suggests that they dreamt the incident but Willow reminds her, "Different brains." Yeah and maybe, just maybe, and please understand I'm not promising anything here, but perhaps if you put both of them together you'd have one fully functioning brain. Suddenly, the pictures on the wall rattle, and we catch a glimpse of something crawling under the surface, bubbling it up. Boy, the special-effects guys sure are getting the most out of that "Crawly Effect From The Mummy" software package they got this summer. Fret, fret. Willow goes to call Xander.

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