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My best friend went to hell and all I got was this dumb t-shirt

Somewhere in the house a door opens, and then Spike yells out, "Dawn! Dawn, are you there?" Dawn calls back and heads downstairs. Because he's been so worried, Spike rants, "You. I could kill you. I mean it. I could rip your head off one-handed and drink from your brain-stem." First, hello to the inappropriate imagery. Second, is there really that much blood in the brain-stem? Would it spurt like a fountain or something? I really think the tried-and-true carotid artery is your best bet. Then they do that TV-show-cliché conversation that always drives me nuts where one person is trying to tell another person something important but can't get a word in edgewise. See, I don't find that convincing. I always manage to get a word in edgewise, frontwise, or otherwise. Dawn gestures at Buffy descending the stairs; at first Spike thinks it's the Buffybot. Realization that Buffy has come back slowly creeps over his face; he looks shocked, then seems to melt. Buffy ducks her head shyly and finishes buttoning up her shirt. Spike wants to know what Dawn did to bring Buffy back (no doubt thinking of "Forever"). Dawn insists she had nothing to do with this. Spike notices Buffy's hands (she quickly hides them) and gravely tells Dawn that Buffy "clawed her way out of her coffin." Then he finally addresses Buffy: "I've done it myself." He gazes at her and then shakes himself, instructing Dawn to get some disinfectant and bandages. He gingerly starts to guide Buffy to the sofa with his hand, but then jerks it away.

Sitting in the living room, Spike holds Buffy's hands gently. She asks how long she was gone and he promptly replies, "One hundred and forty seven days yesterday." Buffy says it seemed longer where she was. As Dawn brings the bandages into the room, Tara, Willow, Anya, and Xander rush into the house. They surround Buffy and begin asking questions. Spike grimaces and walks directly to the front door, closing it firmly behind him. Inside, Dawn asks how the gang knew Buffy was back, but they ignore her and continue to pepper the Slayer with questions. Dawn demands they back off and realizes that Willow is the one responsible for her sister's return. Buffy assures everyone she's okay, but doesn't want to talk about her experience; Xander offers to bring food, but Buffy seems overwhelmed and says she just wants to go to bed. Willow agrees but adds, "But, Buffy, be happy. We got you out." Buffy deflects any more questions and asks Dawn if her room is till the same. Uh, I assumed she'd already been in there since she changed clothes and all. I supposed she could be wearing Dawn's clothes, but I can't see why. Or maybe Dawn brought stuff to the bathroom and...I'm overthinking again, right? Buffy heads upstairs.

Later, Anya and Xander leave the Summers' home. Anya insists that Buffy is not normal and that Willow is wrong. They hear a noise, and we see Spike lurking behind his tree. He quickly wipes the tears from his face. Say along with me in a wry Giles way, "A vampire in love with the Slayer. That's rather poetic." Xander comes on all macho: "I hope you're not going to start your little obsession now that she's around again." Spike grabs Xander and, possibly wincing in pain, slams him up against the tree. He's seemingly angry that the gang didn't tell him about their plans to reincarnate Buffy. Xander doesn't have much of an explanation. Spike is visibly upset as he insists that Willow knew Buffy might come back "wrong" and have to be destroyed, and as Spike would most likely have opposed that, Willow shut him out. Xander expresses disbelief that Willow would act that way. He demands that Spike look him in the eye and tell him seeing Buffy alive wasn't "the happiest moment of [his] entire existence." Spike looks Xander in the eyes, but then stomps off to his motorcycle, saying that magic always has consequences. Huh. "Consequences." That would be a really good title for this episode, except for the fact that, well, they already used it. So do you think the spell will have consequences? Because I'm really not getting what might happen next.

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