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Klingons and Dance Belts and Monsters, Oh My

Showtime! The audience arrives. Backstage, a costumer fusses with the cuffs of Chris's pants while Christiana swans past in the background, again not speaking to him. Zach is super excited to go on. He does a little hip-shaky dance and puts on his enormous Napoleon hat. Allison and Beckanne review a couple of small moves; Beckanne is nervous as hell. All the dancers know Adam will cheerfully murder them if opening night doesn't go well. Rex is nearly as green as Josh's costume.

Allison has saved a ticket for Jonathan, and the camera helpfully shows us his empty seat. From backstage, she peeks out to try and see if he's there. She says in a talking head that this is a deal breaker for her; she needs him to be here, and if he's not, that will indicate to her that he doesn't love her. I'm so sick of the Dread Boyfriend drama, but I also really feel for Allison. Dread Boyfriend sucks so much, you guys.

Curtain time. Chris watches from the audience as Christiana dances with her broom. She looks lovely. She says in a talking head that after Cinderella is over, she wants to focus on her marriage. She doesn't feel like she's a priority in her husband's life, even though he's a priority to her. The audience goes mad as her number ends.

Fairy dance. Beckanne tells us she doesn't think when she's on stage, she just relaxes and lets her body do what it knows how to do. Her visit to Philadelphia last week helped her clarify some things about her life, and Adam points out a couple of her weak points. Next year when she's a soloist, he says, she can't have such floppy feet. Allison's turn. Despite her emotional turmoil, she dances beautifully. Christiana is borne off in her sparkly carriage into intermission.

Ian and Allyson watch from a box. Chase and Josh are both dancing roles in the number Ian had to bow out of, and he cannot pretend to look happy as he watches. Zach waits in the wings for his cue. He's worried about making a mistake and never getting another featured role. But everyone seems to enjoy the comedy. Until his wig falls off, as it did in rehearsal. Out in the audience, Adam is peeved. Zach makes some fancy business about reclaiming his wig, which impresses Adam. Backstage, Zach Ronstadt tells one of the girl dancers about his wigtastrophe.

In Christiana and Rex's pas de deux, she makes a mistake, coming off pointe as she changes position. Chris, watching from the wings, mutters that she's going to hate herself for that. She says in a talking head that she was distracted during the performance. She and Rex rehearse that bad lift again backstage. He's freaking out and having a face full of sparkly tutu is not helping.

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