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Klingons and Dance Belts and Monsters, Oh My

Previously on Breaking Pointe: Allison is still futilely hoping her Dread Boyfriend Jonathan will give a shit about her career and respect her as a person rather than a vessel for his Dread Spawn. C&C Dance Factory's marriage is on rough ground, and now Christiana has bunged up her ankle. And I was on vacation, so thanks so much for filling in, Angel! They didn't even have The CW in the part of New Mexico where I was last Monday.

Fade in on dance class. Allison reminds us that Dread Boyfriend refuses to come watch her dance. In the back of the room, Ian seethes, because he's still upset about not getting a contract. He's trying very hard to focus on Cinderella, and I'm trying not to stare at his extremely prominent dance belt area. Like, good for you, Ian's Nice Girlfriend Allyson. Zach smugs about how this is his time to shine, and oh my god, you guys, it's the middle of the night, I just got off a plane, I don't even know what time it is and I just cannot with Zach.

At the barre, Rex is flexing his bum foot and reminding us that he's hurt and his hurtness makes everyone sad and/or angry, and that the injury might affect his promotion and his future with the company. Christiana has been cleared after her ankle mishap last week, and she's focusing on being strong like Rex is. Chris says a couple things to her while she ties her shoes, and she ignores him, then recaps their agreement about not talking at work, which he sometimes forgets. (And I agree with the forum posters who speculate that this is more about keeping their personal lives off TV than about any deeper problem of theirs.)

Allison tells Christiana she should be taking it easy rather than being on pointe right now, but Christiana says if Rex is dancing she can too. Allison's collarbones are very concerned. Christiana's eyebrows reject their worries.

The dancers are now rehearsing Cinderella onstage, and as we learned last year, these first days on stage are always stressful and terrible and we're lucky that Allison hasn't yet bludgeoned the conductor with a viola. Chris looks thrilled to be in drag as one of the stepsisters; Zach's wig goes flying off at one point, which does not please Adam. Wendy is also super pissed about everything. Allison and Beckanne gossip about Rex behind a couple rows of seats; they think Adam is crazy if he doesn't promote Rex, because Rex is just such a big lovely hunk of burly dancer man.

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