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This week's cold open is a doozy. We're in the amber-hued desert, and a reservation cop has been dispatched to check in on a Mrs. Peketeeywah (spelling of my own damn making), who hasn't checked in with her daughter in a while. The hypersaturation in the color palette already has us thinking it's the Cousins. This won't be a "whodunit" so much as a "how are they going to do it?" and possibly a "will I need to shield my eyes while they do it?" The answer to that last one is likely "yes." Anyway, Res Cop pulls up to this shabby little adobe box and starts calling around for the old lady. The cop peers in a side window and spots a statue of Santa Muerte (remember? From the season premiere?); we can tell it's likely the same statue because it's got the photo of "Heisenberg" stuck to it. And then we see someone pass through the frame. Our friend the cop spots two jackets hanging on the line, which makes it two callbacks to the Cousins' behavior in the season premiere.

A knock on the door produces nothing, and then I'm not sure if it's a smell or the sound of buzzing flies that's been cranked up on the soundtrack, but Res Cop ventures out behind the shed and spots the half-covered yet fully dead body of who we all must assume is Mrs. Peketeeywah. She dead, y'all. Res Cop draws his gun, radios for backup at his truck, and hollers for whoever's in the house to show themselves. Cousin #1 appears at the door, silent, unafraid (duh), and with a peach in one hand. That's a nice touch. Res cop keeps yelling for him to get on his knees, but Cousin One doesn't have any inclination towards doing that. And with good reason, too, since his brother strides into the frame behind Res Cop carrying an ax. No doubt the impossibly shiny ax he wielded in Walt's bedroom earlier this season. This time it gets to be buried in the back of a poor reservation cop who just wanted to check in on an old lady.

Credits. Elements. Smoke.

The pulsating reds of the desert are now traded for the watercolor reds of a landscape painting in the model apartment Walter is picking out for himself. He fields a call from Skyler while he waits. She tells him she saw the signed divorce papers, and it seems to me she's looking to pick a fight. She's certainly allowed Walt to regain the upper hand in this emotional tug of war. Now she's the one forever on the brink of tears while he gets to shrug his shoulders and be all "that's the way it is, babe." She asks how they're supposed to break this to Flynn, and Walt's like, "He can see what's been going on. Your unhappiness." In other words, Walt is just fine letting Flynn continue to blame Skyler for everything, since she can't exactly set the record straight. Once again, Skyler is galled but powerless. Anna Gunn's had to play that note quite a bit this season. She also notes that, in the paperwork, Walt declared his intentions to pay for pretty much everything concerning their children. Skyler doesn't want to accept his drug money, or be accessories after the fact. Walt counters by asking what she thinks she's been living off of for the last six months.

He hangs up just as the realtor returns. He offers to show him any of the three actual apartments for sale with this very floorplan. But Walt has decided playing by the rules is for suckers. He doesn't care that this is the model. He wants this place. As is. "Name one thing in this world that's not negotiable," Walt says, with the confidence of a man who's being backed by a ruthless and well-connected drug dealer.

Speaking of whom, let's take a trip to El Pollo Knockoffo. Gus is shepherding his troops through another day in the grease-vat trenches, when Les Cousines Dangereuses enter, freshly re-suited. They catch Gus's eye, then silently (duh) take a booth near the door. They sit on the same side of the booth, too. Les Cousines Dangereuses indeed.

At Jesse's house, our man has convened his security council -- uh, that'd be Badger and Skinny Pete -- to check out his latest product. Badger grins like a goof at one particularly fat crystal. While Skinny Pete sings the praises of Jesse's new quality of product, Jesse practices looking proud and magnanimous. He offers to let Badger sample, though Badger feels bad about snorting in front of drug-free Jesse. Jesse assures him he can watch ... and he can cook. I remain dubious. Badger crushes the crystal, takes a big ol' snort, and proceeds to hoot and holler and give a little soft shoe. A soft shoe, Badger! How can you resist? "That is awesome, Jesse!" is Badger's response. At least before he starts fumbling around with "someone scooped my brain out" metaphors.

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