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Previously: Gus saw his Pollo Hermano Max murdered in front of him by Don Eladio and his men. Skyler was considering using her laundry bags full of cash to bail out Ted Beneke (and thus keep her name off the government's radar). Gus asked Jesse to help him in his peace agreement with the cartel by going to Mexico and teaching them how to cook the blue meth. And when Jesse told Walt this, it led to a huge brawl, after which Jesse said he never wanted to see Walter again.

We open out in the desert, as three men wait in silence. Gus, Mike and poor bewildered Jesse. Gus holds a sizeable package with a purple bow on it. Probably too much to hope that bow means Marie has something to do with all this. Single-engine plane lands in the middle of nowhere, and the men board. Jesse looks nervous as fuck, as he should on a plane that size. In the air, Gus can see it on Jesse's face, so he says the nicest thing I have ever seen him say: "You can do this." Hilariously, he looks over to Mike, whose face reads, "Ehhhhh, we'll see."

The phone rings at Walt's apartment, but he doesn't answer. Broken glasses and bloody napkins sit on his counter. On the voice mail, Skyler says she waited this long, she wanted to do this together, but she's going to go ahead with it. Something shady? Something with the money? No, just time to spring Junior's birthday present on him. After a ruse to get him outside, Skyler ta-das as Junior spots the PT Cruiser in the driveway. His voice says, "Thanks, Mom," but his face says, "Those balloons tied to the windshield wipers make it very unlikely that she's talking about another car. "Pretty slick, huh?" Skyler asks. She says she did a lot of research, and this one is really roomy -- so he can carpool with all his friends -- and also features a CD player! Oh, Skyler. She asks if he'd like to take it for a spin. Junior says he's really hungry right now; maybe later? OUCH.

Saul sits in his office with his head on his desk: this is a bad idea. He's fretting hardcore, and we soon see why, as his secretary sends in Ted Beneke. Don't worry, Saul, that sense of dread happens whenever anyone has to see Ted. Ted's not sure why he's here -- haven't we all wondered that? But Saul says he regretfully has to deliver some bad news: Ted's Great Aunt Birgit has passed away. You know, the one in Luxembourg. Ted has never heard of her and can't really believe that she'd name him in his will. But when Saul gets to the part about her leaving him an estate of $621,552.33, Ted gets a whole lot less skeptical. Chump.

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