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It's another gun-centric cold open this week, with Jesse in his semi-cleaned up house (the walls are still spray-painted, but there about a thousand garbage bags filled with God knows what) playing a first-person shooter game (don't ask which one -- I am not your guy for that question) with a gun controller. As Jesse stalks the computerized halls of whatever dungeon or space station this game is supposed to convey, he can't stop picturing Gale's face at the moment Jesse's bullet shot through his eye. The plastic prop in his hand keeps getting swapped out (in Jesse's head) with a real gun. It's all very harrowing. Ultimately, Jesse loses, and he's left, panting and sweating, with the question posed by the video game: Restart or Quit? Pointing the gun at the screen, ready to pull the trigger on "Quit," Jesse ultimately changes his mind. He's going back in.

Title card.

At the car wash, with Pretty Poison's "Catch Me I'm Falling" hilariously playing on the PA system, Skyler is updating Walt on Junior's reaction to having his car taken away (it's exactly the reaction Skyler anticipated). In a conversation that's relatively free of rancor, Skyler tells Walt that she made arrangements with the dealership for him to return the car and get most of his money back, save for an $800 restocking fee. It sticks in Walt's craw that he has to pay $800 for two days worth of a car, but Skyler notes that the law says the dealership doesn't have to take it back at all, not that Walt's been overly concerned with the law these last few years. Skyler also reminds Walt to talk to the general manager, Glenn, when he returns the car. The pure hatred in Walt's voice as he scoffs, "Glenn!" immediately made me think of GLENN. Skyler also instructs Walt not to "tangle" with anyone, since she can see he's in a mood. A mood that is not enhanced by the way Skyler reminds him to tip the guy who just finished washing the car. Oh, NOW Walter's pinching pennies?

But if you suspected that Walt's objection to returning the car has less to do with finances and more to do with the blow to his ego, you won't be surprised to see that, en route to the dealership, Walt found an empty parking lot, wherein he can do donuts while a Pretenders song plays on the soundtrack. I know Walt is no stranger to expressions of impotent male rage, but this is a pretty appropriate crystallization of that, right? This season has really broken the record for Walt's immaturity. He's shown plenty of bad characteristics before, but this season has really seen him regress emotionally; I guess with his feelings of infantilization re: Gus, it makes some sense. His donut spree ends with him getting the car jacked up on some parking barriers. So how's he supposed to get it back to the dealer now that he can't move it? He decides to do the Walt-iest thing possible -- he rolls up a newspaper, sticks it in the gas tank, and lights it on fire. He tries to do the Cool Guys Walk Away from Explosions thing, but reality isn't quite as cool -- it takes a lot longer for the flame to hit the gas. So he sits down across the lot and eventually calls for a taxi. He gives his location, and as he's asking how long it'll take, the car explodes. Finally able to say the cool thing he's been waiting for, he tells the dispatcher, "I think he'll be able to find me."

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