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Look On My Works And Despair
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Previously: Are you fucking kidding me?

If you thought we were going to pick up things where we left off last week in mid-shootout, you obviously don’t know this show very well. Not before the elliptical cold open! Instead what we get is a flashback to the events of the very first episode. The look and feel of it is so well-studied, in fact, that I would have bought it as a deleted scene. Moving off of Jesse’s observation last week that Walt buried his money in the exact spot in the desert where they had their first cook, this is a flashback to that first cook. So did this initial experience with the meth trade have such sentimental value for Walt that he decided to keep his money there? Well, kinda.

After some familiar Walt/Jesse bickering (one’s a fastidious teacher! The other’s an impatient and vulgar teen! Can they make it work? Tune in every week!) Walt changes from his cooking smock into his button-down/no-pants look that those old posters were so enamored with. He walks up the rocks and rehearses the phone call he’s going to make to Skyler, explaining his absence. When he does call, Skyler is hard at work packaging her eBay art for shipping. Walt’s rehearsed story -- that he has to work late at the car wash for freaking Bogdan -- goes over like literally no big thing. Skyler has no reason at this point to be even a little suspicious. Skyler actually makes an idle threat about how Bogdan better not keep him too late and piss her off. I guess it’s not foreshadowing if it’s written after the fact, right? Speaking of post-shadowing, Walt and Skyler discuss "Holly" as the possible name for a baby girl. And much like Sammy’s mom (as imagined by Vicky) in Reality Bites feels about P-FLAG, Walt is beginning to like the sound of that. Next, Skyler and Walt make plans for the upcoming weekend and are in general a very loving, supportive and pleasant couple. And Walt is lying through his teeth to her, probably not for the first time ever but certainly for the first time this seriously. Here’s Zero Hour for when it all started to go bad. Once the phone call is over, Walt smiles at a job well done, but the smile fades, maybe because he knows something’s begun.

Before our eyes, Walt fades out, as do Jesse and the RV. Time has taken them away and run them through a gauntlet the likes of which none of us could have predicted. Only the desert remains. The desert and the elements. Credits and elements.

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