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Previously on Breaking Bad, Hank was too PTSD'd out to handle El Paso but wasn't entirely blowing smoke when he said he had a lead on the blue meth; Jesse cooked up a batch of blue himself, which made Walt angry for reasons of petty pride, proprietary privilege, and alliteration; Walt got a duffel bag full of cash from Gus for Jesse's trouble anyway; Skyler told her lawyer about Walt's dealing; and poor Combo got iced by a second-grader. That kid should be friends with that annoying girl from Kick-Ass.

This week begins farther back than any of those previouslies. Back when Walt still had hair, and 90% of his soul intact. Back when Walt scrounged up everything he had, shoved it in Jesse's twitchy palm, and told him to go out and buy an RV with it. Remember, back when Walt felt alive for the first time and all that? Of course, we remember that part. We don't remember what comes next, which is Jesse and pals -- including long-since-forgotten cronies Combo and Skinny Pete -- baking a beeline to the nearest strip club and spending Walt's seven thou like it's paper route money. Much debauchery and pasty-clad boobery (we're still on basic cable here, Ted-f*cker) follows. Why is Jesse even more appealing when he's being the most stereotypical scumbag possible? I kinda don't want to know the answer to that. He brags to his pals that some old dude just gave him the money, before blowing all but a grand on lap dances and Dom and "skinny glasses like James Bond drinks from." At some point the whole thing just becomes a Cash Money video, and Jesse makes a double-entendre about his "fat stack," and before you know it, Jesse and Combo are out in the harsh morning light, and Jesse still has to procure an RV. Combo has the hookup.

Cut to some white-trashy driveway (yes, a driveway can look white-trashy; there's a quality to it), where Jesse is dwarfed by the RV in a nice bit of camera-trickery-that-doesn't-look-like-camera-trickery. He takes it all in. Combo emerges from the front door with a set of keys. Jesse asks if there's paperwork he has to sign. Does he... perhaps mean a note that says, "Thanks for letting me steal your RV, Mama Combo"? Is that what he needs to sign? Combo calls it a "paperless kinda deal." I really hope Jesse got it by this point. But still, Combo has to hustle him into the RV and out the driveway. Jesse peals out the driveway and knocks the hell out of two garbage cans, before barreling down the street and taking out anything else in his zig-zaggy path. Credits.

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