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This week's cold open takes us on a journey back to Season 3. The episode ("I See You") when Gus brazenly walked into the hospital full of DEA agents holding a vigil for Hank, and announced to Walter in hushed tones that he's known all along that Hank was Walt's brother-in-law. Hell, the show is playing the whole scene back again, why not dip into last season's recap:

Walt gets up and says he should walk Gus out. He catches up with him in the lobby. He asks to speak with him, under the pretense of concerned family member and generous benefactor. But the entire Albuquerque police force is still milling around in the background, giving this pointedly low-key conversation one hell of an edge. "You knew?" Walt confirms. "You knew my brother-in-law was a DEA agent?" Gus is all, "Yeah, I perform very basic background checks, moron." "He is not a problem for us or our business," Walt assures him, though I would expect Gus would be the ultimate judge of that. Walt then asks if Gus showing up tonight is supposed to be a message to him. "I'm supporting my community," is all he'll say. "I hide in plain sight, just like you." Walt then begs -- actually begs -- Gus to explain this whole shooting to him. It's been a theme all season, but hearing Walt say it out loud like that -- "I don't understand it; I don't know what it means." -- really brings home just how much is going on that he has NO IDEA about. "I fear for my family," Walt says. Gus says he's sure they'll be fine. "The assassin that survived is gravely ill. It's doubtful he'll live. Now thank me, and shake my hand." Walt does as he's told. As Gus leaves, the lobby full of cops start rhubarbing like crazy and flocking upstairs. What's the commotion?

The commotion, of course, was Leonel Salamanca dying from the poison that Mike secretly slipped into his IV. Undetectable. For the betterment of everybody. Does this plan sound familiar? Maybe Jesse can take out Gus and take after Mike after all.

Anyway, the scene that we didn't get last year was when Gus left the hospital and paid a visit to our old, slobbery pal Tio. That's Don Hector Salamanca, if you feel like showing him the formal usted-form respect. Tio's watching the news report that says his nephews are now dead, and when Gus arrives, he tells him that it was likely Juan Bolsa who tipped off Hank, for some reason that Gus isn't even going to bother to conjure up. Because remember how Gus arranged for the fédérales to storm Juan Bolsa's compound and shoot him dead? That. Tio is still wearing his ever-present mast of defiant disgust, but in his eyes you can see something like defeat. He then begins to rage, or however much he can rage from inside his stroke-addled prison of a body. Gus simply pats him on the leg and says he just thought he should know what's happened. Then: "This is what comes of blood-for-blood, Hector. Sangre por sangre." And then we get a shot of something we haven't seen before: a closeup on crystalline turquoise water that becomes clouded with blood. You know, I thought this season was lacking a certain faceless-portent-of-creeping-doom quality.

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