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Previously on Breaking Bad, Skyler f*cked Ted. Other things happened.

We open on a gas station that's so out of the way, they don't even have the up-to-date price on Kools. Jesse pulls up in the RV, apparently on his way home after his cooking expedition. A couple days in the desert has returned the patchy scruff to his face, which will only benefit everybody. He's also managed to regain a bit of his old swagger, as evidenced by the fact that he tries to get the cherubic counter girl to let him slide on the cost of gas, as he's fresh outta cash. The girl gets giggly in his presence -- and who could blame her? As my pal the Couch Baron so astutely texted me Sunday night, "He's got the best eyelashes of any meth dealer I've ever met." Mmm hmm. ...Sorry, where were we? Right, lost in Jesse's eyes. ANYWAY! The girl is not a rule-breaker and it doesn't look like she's going to cave. Until Jesse pulls out a baggie with the blue stuff in it. "Maybe we could trade. ...Ever try it?" His face cocked flirtily to the side. She hasn't; she's only smoked pot. "That stuff's really addictive right?" she asks. Jesse shakes it off. "It's just a media thing." So when Jesse said he accepted his role as a bad guy, I guess he really, really meant it. She asks what it's like. "It's awesome," Jesse says, with just enough honesty to prove he knows better. "Everything is maximum interesting. You get these really cold and sharp-like action dagger feelings? It's awesome." He presses her. This is hard to watch. A police officer rolls into the store, and Jesse, with the cocksure steeliness of a much less scrawny man, keeps the meth baggie on the counter, and his eyes squarely on his lady friend. With the cop now in line to check out, she takes it. Victorious, Jesse saunters out. A dealer once again.

Saul's Strip Mall Law Emporium (Lawmporium?). Saul is trying out different neck brace sizes for this biker whose ambulance he chased. Mike shows up -- without knocking, a nice clue as to who's running who in this operation -- and Saul quickly shuffles biker (and his grandma) out. Though not before reminding them to tell their friends that he's drumming up a class-action for the victims of flight 515. "Victims' families would be great, but I'll take anyone on the ground who suffered emotionally!" I'll say this for Saul: as an attorney, the man is inclusive. He asks Mike if there's trouble. Mike, in turn, produces a tape.

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