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The Great Escape
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Previously: Seriously, stop. I can't with this right now.

I'm not sure why I never gave a thought to whether we would ever see Saul's "vacuum cleaner repair" guy or beyond that, who would play him. But here we are, being ushered into the back room of the guy's place, and he's played by Oscar nominee Robert Forster. If ever there was a nonsense-free, seen-it-all, no-time-for-this-fuss face, it's Robert Forster's. It initially looks like we're resuming things from last week's roadside pick-up of Walt, but this time the red van is delivering another poor soul looking for a change of identity and a new life: Saul Goodman. Not for the first time this season is Saul wearing his bright purple shirt, and it's also not the first time I wonder if this portends a future interaction with Marie. She IS single now.

Poor Saul. His hair is looking stressed, too. He expresses some mild surprise that Forster is actually running a vacuum cleaner shop, but he shouldn't. This guy impresses me as someone who defines thorough. He's taciturn and to-the-point, but he's not curt, nor is he grumpy like you might expect -- just very goal-focused and mellow. Saul is slightly chagrined to learn that his new destination will be somewhere in Nebraska. Not for a few days, though -- he's a somewhat notable local figure (recall Flynn's wide-eyed reaction to him a few episodes ago), so it'll take some time to properly arrange an exodus. Until then, he'll be bunking in a secure room downstairs… with some company. Walt is also a special case that will take some finessing, so yeah, he's still here. Forster flips on a monitor and lets Saul peek in on the client that ruined his life and career, pacing in his little cell. The closest he will likely ever get to going to prison. And looming oh so large in the frame? His big black barrel of money.

Credits. Elements.

After the break, Marie is returning home. I have been really turned around by the passage of time this season, and this episode already has me spinning. I guess Marie has been staying at Skyler's place during the whole Holly abduction? I'm not sure I wholly believe that. How could Marie even be in the same room as Skyler after learning what happened to Hank? Even if she bought Walt's phone call (not a given), her sister is still the walking embodiment of the poison that ultimately felled her husband. Or is this not supposed to be the first time Marie has returned home since Hank died? She's being driven home by some D.E.A./FBI/APD person, who is assuring her that they will find Hank and Gomez out in that desert. Maybe she had to go downtown to answer questions? You guys, I don't know. All I know is that Marie looks like she's had the life drained out of her. Appropriately, she's wearing black instead of purple. When they pull up to the house, the agents immediately go on alert. The camera takes us inside, with papers strewn about, locks busted, the whole place completely ransacked. So much broken purple interior decoration, I almost can't handle it. HASN'T THIS WOMAN LOST ENOUGH? The Feds speed Marie away to a secure location, while other agents scour the house. But it's gone. Obviously, this was the work of Uncle Jack and the Nazettes, searching for the video with Jesse's confession.

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