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Gliding Over All
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Previously: Mike met his end at the hands of -- oh, the indignity -- Walter White.

As the episode opens, Walt's sitting in the office at Vamonos, staring at a fly that's perched on a lamp. Oh, hell, not this again. Despite my expectations, the fly does not get squashed, but Walt's focus remains on the insect as Landry get dropped off by a taxi and calls out for Walt. Finally, Walt addresses him, though he doesn't turn around. He asked if Landry disposed of the car like they talked about -- no one tailed him? Junkyard Joe didn't ask any questions? Nope. And Landry thought it was pretty cool, watching a car get crushed into a cube. So now it's time to do "this other thing." The fly buzzes by, but Walt's finally able to tear himself away. Does this count as progress? Walt finally able to quit obsessing about something?

Walt and Landry open the trunk of Walt's car, and of course there's poor Mike's body. "I don't want to talk about this," Walt says, with seemingly honest regret in his voice. "It had to be done." Landry is as agreeable as ever. So out comes the barrel and out comes the solvent. They're about to get to work when the garage door starts to open. It's Jesse. Trunk goes down. Jesse tersely sends Landry away so he can talk to Walt. What's the story? Did Mike get away? Walt diplomatically skirts the issue and says, "He's gone." Jesse doesn't tweak to anything weird about that, so he changes the subject to Mike's nine guys. "What are we gonna do?"

Any possible feelings of guilt or shame on Walt's part instantly evaporate at the opportunity to be shitty, so Walt turns cold and sarcastic to Jesse: "We? There is no 'we' anymore. I'm the only vote left, and I'll handle it." Jesse stares him down a bit, all "I guess that's how it is?" Walt lowers the garage door on his old partner, and then gets to the work of dismembering his old partner's mentor's corpse.

After the credits, Walt is showering (G-rated, thank goodness). As he reaches for a towel, he brushes past his copy of Leaves of Grass, and I'm sorry, this is just too much. Leaves of Grass is NOT a bathroom book. Somebody get Walt a "Best of Ziggy" immediately.

Up in the hoosegow, Prisoner Dennis (if you recall) is sitting at a table with his lawyer, opposite Hank Schrader and the DEA attorney, working out some kind of plea deal. Dennis's lawyer wants charges dropped and blanket immunity in exchange for his testimony about Fring's operation. The DEA lawyer haggles, and it's all very insidery. I would VERY much like to know what this "Queen for a Day" stipulation they're talking about pertains to. What if it's just an actual day in jail where everybody treats you super nice? Sure, you're still in jail, but it must be a pretty good day, as far as jail goes. [Note: Apparently, it's another word for a 'proffer agreement' which is an agreement between prosecutors and individuals under criminal investigation which allows the imprisoned person some assurances that they'll be protected against prosecution... thought Dennis is already in jail, so who even knows? -- Rachel.]

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