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So the car bomb didn't work. That's a bummer. Walt races to the parking garage to recover the device -- being awfully careless in throwing around the bag (which ... is that a diaper bag?) that carries the trigger to the bomb. Into the hospital he goes, to tell Jesse/accuse him of tipping Gus off. Jesse is all WTF about bringing a BOMB into the hospital, and both men start growling insanely at each other. Walt needs to know where else they could possibly get to Gus that isn't completely covered with cameras. Walt's like, give me ONE place! But Jesse can't think of any place -- or any thing, really. He's shaking with panic. They're suddenly approached by two besuited men -- ABQ police. They need to ask him questions about Brock. Walt tries to interject and throw his weight around, until the cops are like, "And who are you?" and he remembers that it's probably best not to stick his neck out with the POLICE. The cops walk Jesse away, and everybody gulps at the implications.

After the credits, Jesse's in an interrogation room. Why'd he tell Brock's mom that he was poisoned? Jesse downplays it, says he was just trying to help the doctors cover all bases. He was awfully specific, though. Ricin? They threaten that the FBI could come down on him next. They're all sarcastic with him about how helpful he was being, suggesting ricin. Congrats, the doctors think he might be right. Jesse tries to explain it away as something he saw on House or something. And more importantly, he wants to see his lawyer. The cops make their usual "Oh, you don't want to do that!" spiel about lawyers. They always complicate things! This isn't Jesse's first rodeo, though. He repeats: "Saul Goodman. Get him."

At Saul's office, his poor, put-upon secretary, who I'm not sure has been named so let's just call her Flo, is shredding documents. She's also ignoring phone, and then ignoring the knocks at the door, even as they become louder and more urgent. Suddenly, there's a crash of broken glass. She grabs her pepper spray and watches Walt climb through the blinds and broken glass like an ogre. She's all WTF are you doing here? He needs to see Saul, who is not there. She's like, "Oh what else is new?!" She's so pissed at him, you guys. "Let me explain something to you," Walt condescends. "My partner and I..." Flo: "...are in DANGER??" She's like, "Whoop-tee-fricking-doo!" Walt and Jesse are in danger again? After doing something idiotic? "You are such a pain in my ass," she says. She's gotta go on unemployment for God knows how long, and now she can't even get out of here until she gets a guy to fix the door. "Who pays for this?!" she demands. Walt pulls out $1,700 and "apologizes" for the door. Flo gets opportunistic, though -- and good for her! -- and says the door's going to run more like $20,000. It takes Walt a while to get what she's talking about. Shakedown! She bumps it up to $25,000, and Walt snarls at her. He crawls back out of the door to go get the money.

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