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The Less-than-Great Train Robbery
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This is probably the most elliptical cold open we've had in quite a while. At least the tater-tot dipping scene (ahhh, memories of "Franch") ended up including the federal agents and the Pollos logo by the end. This scene, beginning to end, has seemingly nothing to do with the Breaking Bad plot as we've seen it so far. Which, if you're me, means you watched it all the more intently. There's not much to it. Young teenager (kid's maaaybe 14 at best, likely younger) rides his motorbike around the desert, stops when he spots a tarantula, picks it up. Does the tarantula have blood on it from a Mexican cartel massacre? Is the tarantula the reincarnated spirit of Gustavo Fring? Is the boy a very young Hank Schrader, learning a valuable lesson about not keeping dangerous creatures too close to you? ...No, not really. This is just a kid, finding a spider in the desert and putting him in a glass jar for the journey home. There's one thing, though. Off in the distance, you can hear a train whistle. Not loudly enough to startle the child or even indicate he hears it, but it's there. Gathering steam.

Smoke! Elements! Vince Gilligan!

Walt pays Hank a visit in his fancy new office and asks Gomez for some alone time with his bro-in-law. He compliments Hank on his new job and his fancy new watch ("Good for you"). [Note: Anyone else think that this watch will eventually incriminate Walt and be the final clue that leads Hank to figure out he's Heisenberg? No, just me? -- Rachel.]

Ostensibly, this meeting is a State of Skyler report. Today, she went to work, which is a good start. Hank wonders about that therapist idea they floated last week. Remember? Marie's "rock star" shrink Dave? Walt lies that Skyler is already seeing someone, a Peter Something in Rio Rancho. Walt gets emotional, or at least pretends to, and he thanks Hank and Marie for taking the kids and asks if he can come visit, to which Hank is like, "Of course!" Walt gets quiet for a moment after that, and Hank prods for what's wrong. Finally, Walt takes the dramatics up another level: "Skyler doesn't love me anymore," he says, through tears. How much real is in those tears? Maybe more than we'd like to give Walt credit for? Anyway, the breakdown does have a purpose: "She says I'm a bad influence on the kids," he says. Hank assures him he's a great dad. Is that what this visit was for? Absolution from Hank? Turning Skyler's family against her? Hank gets up and closes the blinds so no one will see a grown man cry. And since he's uncomfortable with male emotion like this, Hank scurries out to grab Walt a cup of coffee.

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