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Mutually-Assured Destruction

So he reaches for his baggie of weed and of course it’s gone. Almost instantly, Jesse sees the whole picture. How Huell swiped his weed at Saul’s request, just like he swiped the ricin at Saul’s request. How Saul’s request, in that case, was Walt’s request. How what he always somehow knew but pushed aside for what seemed like good reasons at the time is in fact still true. Walt poisoned Brock.

ID Guy’s car pulls up, but Jesse won’t get in it. After Jesse starts walking away, ID Guy drives on. He’s a professional. He don’t wait for no one.

Better Call Saul. Better call an ambulance, because as soon as the commercial is over, Jesse storms into Saul’s office, locks Huell out and just starts beating the holy hell out of Saul. Saul begs him to stop and calls out a "Code Red!" By the time Huell and the secretary show up, Jesse’s already gotten to the gun in Saul’s desk. He backs Huell off and points the gun at Saul. He accuses Huell of swiping his dope, which Saul’s like, "Yeah, sorry, why are you overreacting?" But it’s not about the weed, of course, and Jesse starts hollering about Brock and Mr. White, at which point Saul gets really scared. He finally admits that he had Huell swipe the cigarette, but only because Walt told him to, and he never knew what was going to happen with it. Interestingly, even in the midst of his murderous tirade, Jesse still refers to him as "that asshole Mr. White." Saul begs Jesse to believe him that he never wanted anything bad to happen -- Walt said he was saving Jesse, and Saul didn’t ask questions. Whether he sees reason or just loses interest in a small cog in the machine like Saul, Jesse decides to leave, swiping Saul’s car keys in the process. He keeps the gun, too, because: duh. Once he’s gone, Saul yells at Huell for being useless, then makes a quick call to Walt: "We got a big problem."

Back at the car wash, Skyler is working the register, mistaking fives for ones and generally not being on her A-game. The camera swivels so that we can see Walt speed into the lot in his car, then quickly try to compose himself before he enters. He is aggressively calm as he explains to Skyler that he needs to open up the soda machine to check a whoosit on the thingy, and Skyler’s like, “…Sure?” She’s totally not suspicious, even as Walt opens up the soda machine and retrieves a frosty handgun from therein. Seems like a REALLY inconvenient place to store your only gun, Walt. Anyway, he then makes an excuse about chemo for why he has to take off again. Like, calm down, Walt. He’s only coming to kill you.

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