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Mutually-Assured Destruction

Left alone, Jesse seems to be having a change of heart, but his inertia keeps him on plan more than anything else. Saul brings Huell back to the office and tells Jesse that Huell will drop him off at the pick-up spot, then get the hell out of there since ID Guy won’t pick him up if he’s got company. Saul hands Jesse a burner phone for emergencies, and we see it’s a Hello Kitty-cased phone. Jesse objects, and Saul’s like, "beggars can’t be choosers," but Saul had a whole drawer full of nondescript phones and chose this one, so it’s at least a little bit of a fuck-you. After another lecture about Jesse staying put at the pick-up spot, Jesse’s ready to go. Saul suggests maybe picking Florida as his new destination, only to be puzzled anew by Jesse mentioning Alaska as a possibility. He really latches onto Alaska in the way that dying men often latch on to Jesus. Finally, finally, that compassion I know Saul has for Jesse sneaks out, and he tells him to take care of himself. Jesse has to squeeze past Huell in the doorway on his way out, and Huell doesn’t seem to have much inclination to move out of his way. Huell gives a nod to Saul, and they’re off.

Cut to Jesse, alone on a road side. The stretch of road is alongside a unique stone formation that serves as a wall to the desert or something. The additional effect is that look like gravestones rising out of the ground along the roadside. I can’t imagine that effect isn’t intentional. We have come to bury Jesse Pinkman before he’s reborn as Gary Alaska or whatever. Long shots of tiny Jesse amid the massive wall give way to a closer shot, showing Jesse nervous as hell. He pulls out his cigarette pack for comfort. I mean, Saul never said he couldn’t have a regular cigarette, right? As he pats his pockets to find the pack and pulls them out, he pauses. Maybe it’s sense memory, after Huell so recently brushed up against him. Maybe that’s what does it. Here’s my theory: ever since Brock got poisoned and Jesse thought it was his fault, he’s been going over those days in his memory pretty much non-stop. Every possibility. When he suspected Walt, he went through every possibility of that. Every way that Saul or Huell could have swiped that ricin cigarette off of him. I mean, he pretty much figured it out when he accused Walt. He only set it aside after Walt convinced him it was Gus (and he found the (fake) ricin cigarette in his Roomba. But as we found out today, Jesse can tell Walt that he believes he’s innocent (re: Mike) and still believe otherwise. Somewhere in Jesse’s mind, he’s always thought it still could have been Walt who poisoned Brock. And this flash of sense memory, a Huell brush-up, a look at his cigarettes -- it makes him wonder.

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