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Mutually-Assured Destruction

After the break, Walt heads to the car wash to give Skyler an update before he heads to chemo. She’s sitting in her office, no lights on, staring into the middle distance. Maybe that’s how all of Walt’s associates end up looking before long. Obviously, she’s still dealing with her active choice to join the dark side. Once she hit "record" on that camera. Once she left that DVD behind at Señor Shenanigans. She made her choice. She still looks like she’s about half a step from complete nervous breakdown, despite Walt’s assurances that they’re fine. Perhaps "on the verge of breakdown" is just the fate of anybody who has the misfortune of crossing Walter White.

Back at the DEA, Hank’s going through paperwork when Gomez shows up, looking all sorts of perturbed. Did Hank really put a car outside Saul Goodman’s office? After being told repeatedly by his bosses to drop it? And given his history with Jesse? How much it opens them all up to a lawsuit. Hank’s mind is elsewhere, and obviously he is whistling a slightly different tune about the investigation. So he tells Gomie that he’s going to pull the car back without much argument. Then, annoyed, he asks what else Gomez wants of him. Gomez just glares and stalks off. Hank then leaves the office, cancelling his afternoon meeting. Not sure if he’s got a plan or if he just can’t bear to be on the job, reminded of the box he’s in.

At Saul’s office, Jesse is preparing to meet with Saul’s change-of-identity guy. Saul is being VERY pissy with him, like much more so than usual. Jesse’s un-responsiveness is clearly driving him bonkers and his ID Guy is very, very particular. He needs to make sure Jesse toes the line and follows procedure to the letter. Saul makes his coded phone call and then explains the broad strokes of his situation to ID Guy. In one hour, Jesse will meet this guy on the roadside and start his new life. Saul unloads a whole bunch of cash that Walt insisted Jesse take with him, a head start on a new life. Or a buyout. One or the other. Jesse still isn’t saying much. He looks defeated. All he can do is pull a joint out of the baggie in his pocket. At this, Saul freaks out, not so much about blazing up in his office, but about how Jesse can’t be arbitrarily high when he meets ID Guy. This guy sounds like a real piece of work and I really hope we get to meet him. Jesse reluctantly stubs out his joint, but when Saul tells him to hand over the entire baggie, Jesse just puts it back in his hoodie pocket. Saul’s just about had it with this kid, and he huffs off to find a bag for Jesse’s cash.

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