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Mutually-Assured Destruction

Back at the Whites’, Walt paces in his bedroom while Skyler asks him if he’s "sure [he] wants to do this." He tells her it’s the "only way." So he sits down at the edge of his bed, and Skyler turns on a video camera. Walt speaks directly into it: "My name is Walter Hartwell White." He gives his address. And then he states plainly, "This is my confession."

After the break, Walt and Skyler sit silently, nervously, at some tchotchke-ridden corporate Tex-Mex joint, which is crowded as hell. Their particular table is set for four and indeed, Hank and Marie show up, looking super-wary. Hank’s scowl is, I think, never leaving his face from now until the end of the series. After a protracted four-way silence, Walt begins to get to the point of this little summit, at which point goddamn Trent, their goddamn chipper little waiter, interrupts to ask if they’d like to start off with some drinks. Margaritas? Oh, and what about some of their famous tableside guacamole? Walt tells Trent they’d like a little time with the menu, and Trent straight-up finger-guns them and promises to return with some waters.

Hank initially asks Walt if he’s called them here to confess, but no, that’s not Walt’s style. It seems the primary objective of this summit is to get Marie to quit trying to "lure" Walter Junior into her home. Marie objects to "lure," but she does still adamantly believe Flynn and Holly should be living with them and out of danger. I like how with these four at an impasse, the Junior/Flynn name confusion has some thematic weight to it. Now it’s every bit emblematic of the divide between the Whites and the Schraders. Anyway, Walt manages to be all "think of the children!" about how Hank’s investigation will only end up harming them. He also manages to remind Hank that he has pretty much no evidence. Goddamn Trent returns with those waters and once again tries to pitch the guacamole. They make it right at the table! To his credit, he finally reads the temperature of the table and slinks off, hopefully to find a table that will end up tipping him well, because something tells me he’s not getting squat from this four-top.

Marie attempts to appeal directly to Skyler, though "appeal" tends to come out more like an accusation, as in how can Skyler allow her children to live with this man? She brings up how Skyler had the kids stay with her and Hank last year precisely because Skyler thought they were unsafe. Completely silent up until now, Skyler insists, "I brought them back!" Her argument -- one Walt isn’t wild about her making because it cedes more guilt than he wants her to -- is that there's no more danger s Walt’s out of the business. "It’s in the past," she says, near tears. "It’s over. There is nothing to go after here. There is nothing to accomplish." Walt tries to play a different, more sympathetic card. Junior just found out about Walt’s cancer; do they really want to upset that poor kid even more? "It’s not right." Hank nearly blows a gasket at Walt appealing to what’s "right," and if I were him, I might add how incredibly shitty it is to tell your kid about your cancer for the purpose of using him as a human shield for your criminal activities. Marie decides to escalate things a bit, though. She goes straight-up Miranda Richardson Oscar-clips and asks Walt why he doesn’t just kill himself, then? Skyler is aghast, but Marie kind of has a point. If Walt’s whole rationale is that it’s pointless to prosecute him because he’s going to be dead soon anyway, why doesn’t he just save them all a lot of time and aggravation and just kill himself now? If his death is such a solution and all. Hank’s not interested in that, though. He wants to take Walt down himself. So Walt can either make his confession or fuck off. And the same goes for Skyler, he says, if she sticks with Walt. Which I think it’s clear by now that she is. Seeing that Hank isn’t budging, Walt and Skyler share a look, then get up to leave. Pointedly, they leave behind a DVD for Hank and Marie.

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