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Mutually-Assured Destruction

Cut to Walt’s end of a phone conversation with Saul, wherein he tells him to use the money Walt left with him -- whatever it takes -- just get Jesse out of that police station. He hangs up angrily, just as Walter Jr. calls to him from elsewhere in the house. Junior inquires about his dad’s late night yesterday, at which point Walt looks at himself in the mirror -- his extreme sunburn from his day burying money in the desert; the cuts on his face from both the fight with Hank and then passing out on the bathroom tile -- and touches himself up with some of Skyler’s concealer. Junior, still out in the hall, says he’s headed over to Aunt Marie’s house. She asked him to come over and help her with some "computer stuff" and then stay for dinner.

Walt is immediately suspicious, as he obviously should be. He tells Junior to wait, then runs out to the living room. Suddenly, hiding the ravages of his face isn’t important anymore. In fact, he could use some of those ravages, as he sits Junior down to "explain" what’s been going on lately. He mentions passing out in the bathroom yesterday, because, as he says, "my latest scans show a shadow on my lung." Junior’s been through this before. He knows what that terminology means. Walt says he’s going through another round of chemo, and that he pushed himself too hard. He’s speaking in that Dad voice, where he’s apologizing for running himself ragged and promising he’ll take it easier going forward. Junior gingerly starts asking the appropriate question -- the "What now?" questions -- and he’s fairly well composed for a moment or two. Walt gives him a whole spiel about how he beat this before and how his doctor tells him that he’s responding very well to the chemo. Who knows what small percentage of anything he’s saying is true. He’s so rarely not working the people in his life, and this moment is no exception. After his whole revelation, he tells Junior to go on over to Marie’s and he’ll be fine. He’ll just, you know, hang out here. Alone. With his cancer. Obviously, Junior takes the bait and adorably refuses to leave his father’s side after such an announcement. Walt takes his son’s hands in his. Success… for the moment.

Back at the Purple Palace, Hank returns home, still in a daze and Marie, as you might imagine, is all up in his business immediately. Did he tell his bosses? How did it go? That bad? Did it go really bad? How bad? When Hank tells her that he didn’t say anything because he’s working on some leads, she’s back to it. What leads? Good leads? Are they gonna nail Walt? How soon? Hank just grumps at her not to tell him how to do his job, then shuffles on past her.

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