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Mutually-Assured Destruction

But it’s not an armed standoff that Jesse is looking for. Oh no. Right now, Jesse is at Walt’s home, stalking from room to room, dousing the entire place in gasoline. I keep expecting Walter Junior to emerge from a room, leading to something truly awful, but it doesn’t happen. Yet. We go to the end credits before we see what happens next. Of course, the flash-forward in 5.9 showed us that the White house doesn’t burn down. It’s abandoned and boarded up, but it’s still standing and unscorched. So that’s one bit of suspense that we got robbed from us, in any event. Not that next week’s confrontation won’t be insane and amazing. Just not, you know, five-alarm.

Joe R is really impressed that a big guy like Huell has such catlike sleight-of-hand. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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