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Mutually-Assured Destruction
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Previously: Walt warned Hank to tread lightly and Skyler fled from his offer to shield her. But at least Jesse Pinkman’s in custody and thus cannot escape his plans for interrogation.

I’m going to be straight-up with you guys: I have no idea what the purpose of this cold open is. I have no idea when it is. I’m sure it will end up making much more sense in a few episodes and I’m certain it portends doom, but I have no idea how. Anyway. Todd and his uncle the Nazi and his uncle’s friend (who played Herc on Friday Night Lights and Devil on Justified and rather a lot of scummy-looking people for someone so handsome in real life) are all sharing a meal at a diner. The Route 66 Café, which I’m not sure we’ve seen before on this show, but I’m noting it for posterity. Anyway, before Todd heads inside, he places a call to Walt and leaves a voice-mail about how there was a difference of opinion with Declan and it got "messy" and now there’s been a "change in management" and he just thought Walt would like to be informed. So this is all happening relatively soon after last week’s massacre.

Inside, a short while later, we see Todd regaling his uncle and Herc with the tale of the Less-Than-Great Train Robbery. Although Todd tells it without the part about how he shot the unarmed child in cold blood, so the way he's framing it, it really was a Great Train Robbery. They’re eating it up, too, and Todd couldn’t be prouder, the little sociopath. Todd speaks glowingly of "Mr. White" and his perfect plan, while Uncle Nazi tries to make references to Hooper like that’s what the kids are into these days. They all clam up when the waitress comes by the table, and the camera makes sure this is when we get a good look at the swastika tattoos on Herc and Uncle Nazi’s necks, so I wonder if she’s supposed to be Jewish and they’re silently judging her or whatever. Moving on. After the silence, Uncle Nazi leans in and asks Todd if he really thinks he’s ready to be in charge of a cook. He solemnly says he is, and they all decide to get to the business of making money.

Herc and Uncle Nazi then excuse themselves to the restroom, wherein they proceed to bitch and complain about the Nanny State and bike helmets and soft children and no more smoking on planes. Uncle Nazi then spots some blood on his shoe and wipes it off. Scene. So that was either the most meandering bit of character work we’ve seen on the show in a while or else these three being at this diner at this time is going to end up meaning something. You flip a coin and decide.

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