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Take the Money and Run
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Previously: Lydia tried unsuccessfully to lure Walt back into the business, and Hank and Walt put all their awful cards on the table.

Oh, lest we forget, Jesse went driving around some run-down neighborhoods chucking stacks of cash onto people’s lawns. The cold open, in fact, shows us an old man living in one of those beat-up houses, who looks like the scary (but not scary at all! Just in a fight with his son!) old man from Home Alone. He gets in his truck to head out somewhere -- Tupperware party? Fantasy football draft? -- when he spots something in the driveway. If you guessed it was a stack of Jesse’s cash, congratulations… you just watched the previouslies like the rest of us. So the old man picks up the money, and then spots another stack a few steps away. Given his age and beard situation, I'm holding out hope that he’ll start hopping around like an old-timey prospector, but no. He just follows the money, stack by stack.

Here’s where I think he gets greedy and crosses the street to pick up more money. Clearly, that money was supposed to be spread around to everybody, sir. Way to be a money hog. He follows the money trail off the road and into a playground, where the lights of an immobilized car are heralding bad news for the driver, who is obviously Jesse. As the old man investigates, we see the car came to a low-impact halt. Upon even closer observation, we see Jesse -- mobile, if barely -- lying down on the merry-go-round, listlessly turning himself in circles. He’s really wringing this depressed-millionaire thing for all it’s worth, huh?

Credits. Elements.

Back to the cul-de-sac where we left off last week. Remember that yellow RC car the kid on Hank’s street is playing with? Still there. After the events of Dirt Bike Kid, any shots of children playing are going to seem ominous. We’re looking from the outside at Hank’s garage door, while Hank and Walt finish up their altercation from the premiere, which makes it two straight episodes where we pick up right where we left off the episode before… only outside a door. Anyway, the garage opens and out stalks Walt, looking angry and also a little concerned. He and Hank have a kind of Old West staredown, and then Hank hits the automatic door-closer, at which point Walt is free to freak out and scramble to his car. After somehow once again avoiding running over the little kid’s race car, Walt backs up and only makes it a few feet before he stops to dial's Skyler digits. Poor Mariano at the car wash gets hollered at to make Skyler get on the phone with him, but apparently she’s on the other line. Walt looks in his rearview and sees Hank in his driveway on his phone, and it dawns on Walt who Skyler must be talking to. So he blazes a trail down the street and it’s onto Plan B.

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