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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
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Previously: Hank told Walt to put a tracking device on Gus's car, Walt was scared shitless, but Gus was like, "Go ahead, hombre. I've been dead inside ever since that guy from Scarface killed my part-time lover." Meanwhile, Walt cooked up some ricin so Jesse could dose Gus and off him for good, but Mike and Gus have been making him feel so good about his worth as a human being that he's slightly hesitant about killing them as a favor to the mean old chem teacher who always yells at him. Also, Skyler fucked Ted. ...Oh, we back on that again?

We're going artsy minimalist with the cold open this week, starting with a closeup of glasses -- one lens popped out of the frame -- lying on a hardwood floor. It's joined by a drop of blood, then another, then another. Then, as you should have expected, a POV shot from the floor. Blood on the lens! Breaking Bad, you do not let me down. The blood trickles onto a pair of moccasins next, followed by someone picking up the broken glasses. The cut to the title card makes sure we know this is all very important and will come into play very soon.

It doesn't take us more than half a second after the credits to see that those moccasins from a second ago belong to Walt. Ever the hip fella with the footwear, Walter. He's at the Schrader abode, picking up Hank to go to another "rock exhibit." Marie jokes that they're probably just sneaking off to a strip club. Which, whatever, out of the house is out of the house. An exterior shot of Hank and Marie's house is shockingly free of purple -- no wait! Umbrella at the patio table. Almost missed it all closed up like it is. And the plant potters at the front of the driveway. Okay, good. Marie's still got it! On the drive, the pretense of the rock show is dropped, and Hank is super antsy about retrieving the tracker and finding out where Gus has been all week. Walt is visibly tense and petrified, and checking the rearview mirror to see who's following them. Hank sees this and tells Walt to lighten up. Then he starts singing "Eye of the Tiger," all "BOMP BOMP BOMP!" and belting the wrong lyrics. They pull into Pollos Amantes, and we see that indeed, Tyrus has been following them. Walt retrieves the device and returns right back to the car, as Hank WTFs at him for not preserving his cover by going in and ordering a burger.

Back at Hank's house, he plugs the tracker into his computer. It synchs up, only to tell Hank the most dispiriting news possible. A week's worth of Gus Fring's trips to work, back home, over and over again. Hank calls Gus a "chicken-slinging son of a bitch," while Walt softly tries to push the idea that maybe Gus is not his guy. Hank's not buying. "A guy this clean has got to be dirty," he deduces. "What's my play here?" he wonders, mostly to himself. "How do I get this guy?" That question weighs heavily on Walt too. "Yeah," he says. "How?"

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