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Once the poor, kindly locksmith leaves, Skyler gets to work snooping. What she's looking for, I don't know. Clues to where Walt is now, or is she using this as an excuse to pry even further into the part of her husband's life that he kept from her? The apartment is almost comically bare, and it's kind of fun (if morbidly so) to contrast Walt's Spartan existence with Gale's life stocked to the brim with tchotchkes. She checks the underwear drawer (tighty whiteys, obvs) and then the kitchen, where she finds the plastic eyeball that Walt's been using as a conscience for over a whole season now. Nothing of any substance, though, and certainly nothing that points to just where Walt is right now.

Meanwhile, Marie pulls into her driveway and takes a few deliberate moments to steel herself before heading inside. Which tells you all you need to know about how Hank is adjusting to at-home care. It's funny, because Season 4 started essentially one second after Season 3 ended, so it's not like there's been this hiatus for Hank and Marie to establish a new order to their lives. But with all the murdering and running over with cars and hiding out of last season's finale, we've been away from Hank and Marie for at least a few days now. Long enough for them to settle into Hank's existence as an outpatient. Long enough for Marie to learn to dread what waits for her inside. Hank's not really the broken man he was in the hospital. He's just an angry, bitter man, who sits in his bed, buying moon rocks online ("bidding on minerals," he pointedly corrects Marie), resenting the incremental progress he's making in physical therapy, and dreading the moment he has to ask his wife to help him hoist himself up on top of his chamber pot to take a shit. Marie tries to sell his latest PT session as "breaking new ground," which earns her a burst of bitter, sarcastic anger from Hank about how he walked about a centimeter further before shitting his pants than he did the day before. Marie, not quite unflappable but putting on a good show, insists that it's progress. You guys, I love this lady so much. I need her to have a life that doesn't involve this much shit and misery.

Back at the lab, Victor continues to cook, while Walter does the only thing he can do at the moment: play hall monitor. He kind of passive-aggressively notes that all of them -- him, Jesse, Mike -- should be wearing gas masks while Victor goes about the cook. Mike, while not entirely hostile to Walt, is mostly still annoyed that this is how his evening turned out, so he's not getting up for anything. Jesse: still staring at the floor. Mike crosses the room to be annoyed in private and pour some coffee (from poor dead Gale's elaborate coffee tubes). Walt, trying to engage Jesse in some kind of conversation -- as well as grasping at some kind of thread of superiority -- mutters that he bets Victor forgets to add the aluminum. "Guaranteed," Walt smugs. And indeed, Victor has stopped in his tracks, like he's trying to remember the next step. Out of earshot, Walt taunts him: "You don't know what you're doing, do you?" But after a moment to collect his thoughts, Victor does indeed grab a bucket of aluminum and adds it to the mix. And then the door above opens. It's Gus. And you guys, he is SO PISSED.

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