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Outside the offices of Saul Goodman, Attorney at Law -- a.k.a. the strip mall -- some grungy looking man in a sling is trying to open the clearly locked door to the building. He's finally sent on his way by this enormously fat security guard with a pointy head and waking apnea. Saul's secretary looks at this big fatass with disdain, intermittently flipping the pages in her magazine, then fields a call from Skyler, but when she intercoms into Saul's office, he doesn't respond. Because Saul has jumped the tracks ever since finding out Mike was less "his guy" and more "Gus's guy." Saul's tearing his office apart looking for recording devices, even checking under his fake Styrofoam pillars. Cut to Saul, on a pay phone down the road (with Pointy as his lookout), trying to assure Skyler that Walt's disappearance is nothing to be worried about. Skyler thinks the Aztec in the driveway is absolutely something to be worried about, but Saul's like, "Well, maybe he carpools. It's good for the environment." Skyler, incredulous: "He carpools? To his job at the meth lab?" At the words "meth lab," Saul freaks out like any good paranoid, corrupt lawyer would, that Skyler would say such things on an unsecured line. I'm looking forward to a season-long battle of wills between these two. After Saul assures her 100% that Walter is fine, he hangs up, then turns to Pointy and asks if he's got a passport. Always with that escape route, huh, Saul?

Somehow less than 100% assured, Skyler instead drives out to Walter's bachelor pad, baby Holly in tow. When she finds the door locked, she 411s up a locksmith, who of course can't just let her into a locked apartment without any proof that she lives there. It's not his call -- it's the law. But Skyler White is making strides down the road to criminal behavior, so we see she's cooked up a whole story about how she got her purse stolen from her, with all her identification inside, and she really needs to get inside -- not for herself, see, but for the BABY! See how she's holding a BABY! How could she be up to anything nefarious with this BABY in her arms? She plays the "hysterical woman" card, freaking out about how she might've been stabbed by this purse snatcher. The locksmith is this perfectly lovely old man, who offers to take her down to the shop where she can call the police and file a report. But Skyler's not looking for kindness, she's looking for her way. And finally, she plays her trump card, as she feigns some kind of panic/asthma attack. Her medicine is locked inside the house, see? She lists and swoons and urgently asks the locksmith to take Holly before she falls down. Handing over her infant daughter as part of a con to get inside her husband's condo so she can snoop around. This is new, lawless ground she's breaking right here. [Note: Besides the whole not-reporting-Ted's-book-cooking thing, of course. -- RS.] Obviously, this one works, as we cut to the deadbolt turning. She even manages to get him to agree to billing her by mail. Quick study, this one.

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