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Time-lapse to tomorrow, where Skyler is answering her doorbell to Marie. HI, MARIE! Oh, it's been too long. She's there with a stack of Hank's latest medical bills and an abashed look on her face. She tries to tell Skyler that if this is in any way becoming a burden ... but Skyler won't let her think of it. So Marie then changes the subject to the tell-tale Aztec parked in the driveway. Obviously, that means Walt spent the night, which means he and Skyler are on the road to mending fences, and this is all happy news for Marie. And I'm guessing Marie could use some happy news. But Skyler doesn't have the first clue what she's talking about, until Marie actually points out the Aztec in the driveway. At which point Skyler gets concerned, because that shouldn't be. After Marie makes her retreat, Skyler tiptoes back to the bedrooms to make sure Flynn (who I can't keep calling Flynn as it's now been two seasons since he dropped that moniker, and I guess we're going with "Junior" now? Whatever.) is playing his music loud enough so he can't hear. Then she gets into the Aztec and drives it across a couple blocks, parking it on a cul-de-sac well away from sight of her home. She may be involved in helping Walt launder money, but Priority 1 still seems to be keeping the fallout out of her home. She gets out of the car and begins her walk of shame home, trying to look inconspicuous in the biggest, bulkiest, flowiest peach robe in New Mexico. Back home, Junior's out of his room but none the wiser.

The lab. All four men are sitting in silence, because what's left to do until Angry Dad shows up? Walt, however, is not one to be happy with a stalemate when he knows he still has the high hand. He declares that they've all got another 15 minutes before he and Jesse need to start up another batch. Victor doesn't want to hear Walt speak one single word, but words are where Walt gets to show everybody how much smarter he is than the rest of them, so he continues that the important thing is to not interrupt Gus's beloved flow of production, right? And since Gale is currently airing out the back of his head at home, he and Jesse are the only people who can make that happen. While Walt is making his case to Mike, Victor gets up, seemingly throwing a tantrum. But as he picks up a gas mask, turns on the power grid, and begins prepping the tanks, Walt starts to catch on. Jesse's still staring at the floor in the corner, but Walt just gets scowlier and scowlier. By the time Victor starts pouring liquid ingredients, it becomes clear: Victor knows how to cook. I mean... somebody should have seen this coming, right? The guy's been basically auditing Walter's classes for weeks now. Still and all: gulp.

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