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Heisenberg Certainty Principle
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Previously: Four and a half seasons of the best drama on TV, pretty much.

As was largely expected, we open the final eight episodes the same way we opened episode 5.1, in a flash-forward sequence wherein Walt has hair on his head, a full beard and is wearing an army jacket, which may very well be Jesse’s army jacket, which according to this theory is very bad news. But let’s not dwell on the future just yet. So Walt has migrated from Denny’s -- where he bought that stash of automatic weapons -- to his home. We’re greeted by an ultra-close-up of skateboarders rolling around in what we soon discover is the Whites’ dried up and abandoned pool. The whole house is abandoned, boarded up and fenced in. Very likely a crime scene. Whatever happens between this episode and the flash-forward, clearly something terrible goes down at Walt’s house.

He sneaks past the fence and breaks into his own home, which is completely emptied out. Someone has spray-painted "Heisenberg" on the living room wall, so clearly that cat gets out of the bag as well. Walt makes his way to the bedroom, and it suddenly becomes clear what he’s doing here. (It doesn’t hurt that the previouslies remind us of Walt taping the ricin capsule behind the outlet plate last season.) So Walt unscrews the plate, retrieves Chekhov’s ricin and is on his way.

Outside, he returns to the car and the trunk filled with weapons where he returns the tire iron he used to break in. Behind him, out of focus, stands his neighbor, all mild-mannered and not-quite-"elderly" and scared shitless. Quite clearly, Walter White has become quite infamous to the greater Albuquerque area. Walt turns to face her and says, "Hello, Carol." She drops her grocery bag.

Credits. Elements.

Now, back where we left things off last season, we see the camera pan steadily in on a closed door in the White bedroom. Inside is a bathroom. In that bathroom is a toilet. Atop that toilet sits Hank Schrader. And in Hank’s hands is a copy of Leaves of Grass with an inscription dedicated to "W.W." in the same handwriting as Gale Boedicher used. Hank has just, at long last, put all the pieces together. Walt -- mild-mannered, book-smart-but-not-street-smart Walt -- is the criminal mastermind Heisenberg. The great thing is that rather than finding himself fortified with righteous anger, Hank is scared out of his goddamn mind. His whole worldview has been flipped upside down. Everything he thought he knew about his brother-in-law was wrong. He’s found his white whale, and now it presents about eight million bigger problems for him.

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