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After a "Previously On" segment that once again featured Jane, it's not entirely surprising that our opening segment is a flashback to when she was alive. She and Jesse are in an art gallery, staring at a stark painting of a black box, and Jesse is cutely complaining that he was promised paintings that looked like vaginas. Aw, it looks like these two kids did end up seeing that Georgia O'Keefe exhibit after all.

The difference in Jesse's demeanor from then to now is readily apparent and heartbreaking. For a moment, in this flashback, we get sweet, adorable, lovestruck Jesse from before everything went to hell. Jane keeps cooing to Jesse art lessons about how not all O'Keefe's work "evoked an erotic nature," and Jesse keeps cutely needling her about how this here piece ain't like no vagina he's ever seen, yo. They made a good couple. You know, before the heroin. Jane tells him this particular painting is of a door.

Back in the car, Jesse continues to argue his point. He doesn't get why anyone would paint a door, over and over again, dozens of times. Jane says the subject was the same, but every time she painted it, the experience was different. Jesse thinks such repetition is "psycho." Jane points out that that logic says she should only smoke this one cigarette, or have sex just one time, or live just one day. "It's new every time," she says. He still doesn't get the door, though. Why get so hung up on a door that she had to paint it 20 times to get it perfect? Not perfect, says Jane. "Nothing's perfect." Jesse stares at her and says some things are. He kisses her, then she cuts the tension by saying it was so sweet, "I think I threw up in my mouth." People. Let's make a pact. We throw up in toilets or trash cans or alleys behind bars from now on, okay? Let's keep it out of our mouths and find a new metaphor, 'kay? Anyway, I'm not gonna let it get in the way of my enjoyment of Jane and Jesse, though it's going to be short-lived. Jesse and Jane go once more around about O'Keefe's door -- Jesse says she kept trying to perfect it; Jane thinks she was trying to make the moment last. Jane then extinguishes her cigarette, and we see it's the same one that (improbably) was still there when Jesse noticed it last week.

Credits. One of these floating numbers is the atomic weight of my heart after seeing Jesse and Jane in happier times.

At the hospital, Hank is being lowered from a harness onto a set of parallel bars for his physical therapy. Marie is encouraging him like a (mildly) less scary Bela Karolyi (you can shove your more timely references, Bela is still the gold standard for scary gymnastics coaches). Hank winces and yells out in pain, while Marie is all, "Pain is weakness leaving your body!" If that phrase isn't on a bottle of Gatorade tomorrow, something is terribly wrong. Hank's response -- "Pain is my foot in your ass, Marie!" -- is even better. And Marie hits back with an invitation for Hank to lift his leg high enough to do so. I do adore that woman. Anyway, Hank can't/won't do it, and he demands for his PT to raise the harness back up. The pain is one thing, and it seems severe, but it's also not hard to see why Hank would be embarrassed. If for no other reason than the harness makes him look like he's wearing a diaper. Plus, his ample upper frame combines with it to give the illusion that he's one of those 'roidy guys with giants chests and little chicken legs. The poor guy. No wonder he yells at an encouraging Flynn to go find some friends. Flynn, to his credit, doesn't hold Hank's anger against him. He and Skyler take it out to the hallway.

Marie follows them out, having to deal with the awkward and unpleasant business of handing Skyler Hank's first medical bill. She tells Skyler to brace for the amount, but Skyler takes it in stride. Marie once again asks if Skyler's sure she and Walt can do this. Skyler smiles and says she's sure. I honestly can't wait 'til the day Marie finds out about the drugs. Because I have no idea how she'll react. Anger, that she had to feel like she was accepting charity when in reality she was being paid off to assuage Walt and Skyler's guilty consciences? Pragmatic appreciation that, whatever the circumstances, Hank got taken care of? I could see her going either way.

America's Meth Kitchen. We get a meth's-eye-view of Jesse smashing the glass-like sheet into delicious blue crystals. When I get a job at an industrial-sized meth lab, that's the job I want. I can be Hammer Guy. As Jesse scrapes said crystals into a bin, Walt watches him with intense suspicion. No one's hiding anything here. Walt's watching and he wants Jesse to know it. When Walt says he'll do the measuring on this batch, Jesse gets indignant. "Just say it!" he yells, "you think I'm stealing!" Walt hushes his idiotic little companion and points around the room, in the universally recognized "This place is probably bugged, dummy" gesture. Which will do him a ton of good if the lab is also equipped with hidden cameras. Which, knowing Gus, it almost certainly is.

That night, Jesse makes it to his NA meeting, where Badger (sorry -- Brandon) and Skinny Pete continue to skulk around. Jere Burns sees some new faces in the crowd, and though I half expect to see Saul in on the scam, it's actually some honest-to-God new group members, including a pretty young brunette named Andrea whose only contribution -- after a few moments of searching for what to say -- is that she doesn't want to be here. Jesse sparks to this attitude, though whether it's because he's attracted to her or if its because her attitude makes her a good prospect for sales is kind of muddled.

During a break in the action, Jesse hits the snack table, where Badger and Skinny are chowing down on donuts. After some hilariously formal "introductions," ("My name is Brandon ... and this is, I believe, Peter?"), Jesse pulls them both to the side and tells them product is going to be slow-flowing, what with "Grandpa Anus" on his case. He asks after the selling, but Badger doesn't have good news on that front. He sold a "teenth" ... to Skinny. But otherwise, neither one of them has been able to get over the queasiness of selling to people who just want to get better. "It's like shooting a baby in the face," Badger says. "It's not natural." Jesse's furious that he's risking his ass to score product and they're "too pussy" to sell. He wants the stuff back so he can show them how it's done. Starting with Andrea, it seems. Jesse sidles up next to her, introduces himself, and confesses that he doesn't really want to be there either. He not at all subtly escorts her to the door. Man, when Badger and Skinny Pete are questioning your moral decision-making? Yikes.

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