The Man In The S.U.V.

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The Man In The S.U.V.

Arab-American Friendship League. Washington, D.C. A sweaty man with bad skin walks out of the building, gets into an SUV, and peels out. As he drives, he wipes the sweat from his face, and you see that he doesn't have acne; he has weird, almost chemical-burn-like lesions on his face. He turns up the AC and answers his ringing cell phone, and then begins yelling into it in a language that sounds vaguely Middle Eastern, and that's about as specific as I can get for you. Hey, if I knew more than that, I'd be getting one of those high-paid consulting jobs for the CIA or something. Although I'm sure they wouldn't have me. Because of the snark. I don't think the CIA likes that sort of thing. Anyway, the guy keeps yelling angrily and gets all road rage, cutting people off and running red lights. His phone rings again, but he ignores it as he pulls up to the curb in front of a café. As he comes to a stop, his car explodes in a giant fireball. And I thought 24 was bad with the "all people with olive skin are terrorists" thing.

Booth, Brennan, and Angela roll up to the crime scene, which is fairly chaotic. Booth gets Brennan and Angela admitted to the crime scene so they can start investigating. Booth reports that there are four dead and fifteen injured. There are burnt body parts scattered about. I can't believe no one complains that this is on at 8:00 PM. I made the horrible choice to eat a spaghetti dinner as I was watching the show. With meatballs. I guess it could have been worse. It could have been barbecued chicken or something. Booth consults his notebook and says that the burnt-out vehicle was registered to a dude named Hamid Masruk, the head of the Arab-American Friendship League. Brennan wonders why they need her to identify the body if they already know who was driving. Agent Gibson, the Homeland Security dude who tackled Brennan in the airport, rolls up and says that they're hoping it wasn't Masruk, because Masruk serves as a White House consultant. Booth also says that if it was Masruk, they have a huge national security problem. Gibson adds that they don't know it was Masruk for sure, and they're relying on Brennan to find out. Okay, but couldn't they just try to track down Masruk, and if they find him, then they'll know he's not dead? I'm just asking.

Brennan goes into work mode and asks for some vegetable oil, explaining that it will help her release the body parts that have become seared to the metal. Like steaks on a grill. Whoa. Did I mention the spaghetti and meatballs? Regretting that. Angela looks like she might hurl. Maybe she just had dinner too. Zack starts running around and taking photos. Brennan is all matter-of-fact and Booth tells her that it's okay to be upset. She says that she wishes this was the worst thing she's ever seen. She picks up the bottom quarter of someone's leg, shoe still attached, nearly burned beyond recognition, and places it into an evidence bag. Did I really need to see that? I get that she's hardened to trauma. Really.

Back at the lab, Brennan and her peeps are analyzing the evidence and trying to reconstruct the driver's skeleton. Brennan notes that there's not enough skin left for analysis. Zack wonders why the guy would attack the café when he had access to the president. Bugs and Slime Guy, whose name I'm about to look up because I'm annoyed that they haven't told me yet, says that targeting everyday places causes panic and that's "Terrorism 101." Not a course they offered at my college. Thank God. Brennan, who has a mighty trendy wardrobe for someone who knows nothing about popular culture, orders the guys to test clothing samples for products they can link to Masruk's house. Bugs and Slime says he'll test particulates that can identify the type of bomb. Zack argues that the FBI will handle that, and Bugs and Slime starts going off on conspiracy theory this and government that until Brennan yells at him, "Jack!" Yay! A name! Jack starts going off on how Booth is "just a government stooge" as Booth walks up behind him, which seems like a very Angel type of joke. Booth reminds everyone that they're supposed to be working together, and announces that Gibson will be overseeing the investigation. Brennan protests that they can handle it in their own lab, and the whole point of this scene is to further the idea that there's tension between the government agencies and the…government agencies, actually. Aren't they all funded by the government? Maybe Jack is trying to effect change from the inside.

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