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You'd Be Surprised

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You'd Be Surprised

And now, from a scene I didn't care for to a scene I don't care about! Jess Smith (Harry Daugherty's right-hand man and former collector of bribes) is waiting in an anteroom when Jimmy James enters and wedges a chair underneath the doorknob. He's very hush-hush as he relays the details of Mellon's hearing, though of course he's showy as fuck too, going on and on about the attire of the men in the hearing and generally stuffing as much quirk into the character as he can manage. Jess just tells him to spit out whether Mellon is for 'em or against 'em, and Jimmy James says Mellon's not their greatest ally. Jess is pretty well freaking out at this point -- he's having trouble keeping track of the payouts and the lies -- and since Jimmy James doesn't seem to care for him very much, he's kind of enjoying the unspooling. "What happens if they find someone honest?" Jess blurts. Jimmy James is like, "Relax, bro. Attorneys General do not go to prison." Of course, as Jess tells him, Harry's the A.G., not him. Jimmy says the answer to all this distress is quite simple: Congress is upset that Justice isn't placing enough bootleggers in jail, so -- fucking DUH -- put some bootleggers in jail. (You can see where this is headed down the line, I trust? Good.) Jess further hyperventilates that the bootleggers are the ones they're in business with, and if they go to jail... (he trails off, but obviously this gives the bootleggers all the incentive in the world to roll over on their corrupt government cronies). The men are interrupted by someone who needs the room, and Jimmy makes is exit with a flourish, as ever.

Margaret's at home at her desk when Nucky makes an unexpected visit. He sits down to talk, but she stands, unwilling to meet him halfway. "Whatever fiction you prefer is perfectly fine..." she starts, but Nucky surprises her with an apology... sort of. "I'm sorry for demonstrating bad form," he says, which gives Margaret a dark laugh. "That would distress you, wouldn't it?" she sneers. She finds this all quite humiliating, though she salvages some of herself by asking Nucky, "Is she in need of rescuing too?" At least she's got his number. He says Billie is quite "capable" and Margaret's like, "Sucks for you, then." "Maybe I've changed," he says. Margaret says maybe he's not the only one. Up against a brick wall, Nucky goes to leave and says he'll look in on the kids. She tells him she'd rather he didn't, and while he capitulates, he tells her seriously that she might want to ask herself some "practical questions," i.e. how willing is she to give up the gravy train. It IS important to note that Margaret entered in on this marriage with no small sense of mercenary self-preservation, so let's not start chipping in for a flower arrangement just yet.

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