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You'd Be Surprised

We're at rehearsal for Billie's new production, a Broadway musical with Lee Shubert, and it's not going very well. Judging by the number we see them rehearsing, taking place on a golf course for some reason, there is no chemistry between the leads and the dancing needs work. The choreographer steps in to show Billie how it's done, and he has much more success than her co-star. Nucky watches from the audience and he's soon joined by Eddie Cantor, who's dismayed (though not un-amused) by how awful it is. Nucky's worried about what this will mean for Billie, but Eddie says it's not her fault. It's just the male lead doesn't exactly live up to the show's title, "The Naughty Virgin." Nucky eyes the choreographer dancing with Billie and asks Eddie about him. Eddie says he's worked with him before. Nucky: "Did he put his hands on your waist?" Eddie smirks: "I'll never tell." That's interesting. I think that's the most explicit the show has been about Eddie's sexuality and it's interesting to know that Nucky's aware of it. Anyway, Eddie wonders if Nucky is worried that there's something going on with Billie and the choreographer, and you get the feeling Nucky's not un-concerned.

Van Alden's at home, filling out his tax forms and correcting Sigrid on her English grammar. He's a pill, but it's more than amusing watching Sigrid practice her American phrases like "I enjoyed the motion picture" and "I am hunky-dory." A knock at the door startles Van Alden and he very warily steps to the peep hole to see who it is, while Sigrid goes to quiet the baby. A card is slipped under the door and Van Alden looks through the hole to see Agent Coughlin walking out. The card is his -- same as the one he left with Gulliver, only this one has a question mark on the back. Sigrid wonders if maybe everything isn't so hunky-dory, and he sits her down and says he hasn't been entirely honest with her. She cuts him off and says she knows everything: that his name isn't his name, and they're on the run because his old co-workers said he did terrible things. She knows he didn't do them, she says. "They blame you to hide themselves," she says. And so they run. Comforted by her faith in his delusions, Van Alden says that is exactly right.

At St. Theresa's, Dr. Mason is finishing up today's lesson on how one's eggs are fertilized and travel through fallopian tubes and implant in uteruses and all the familiar processes that accompany getting pregnant becoming with child, all under the watchful eye of Sister Mary Euphemism (as well as Margaret). The class is dismissed for the day and one woman in particular expresses her gratitude, saying she wishes she had a class like this when she was thirteen; she might not have thought she was dying anyway. So the class is helping, it's just not helping very many people. After the room as cleared out, Dr. Mason mentions the low turnout and Margaret mentions the new flyers that she will start distributing tomorrow. He tells her that he should have said this by now, but he misjudged her before and he's sorry. She thanks him and there's a moment of awkward silence between them. Margaret, this is a cute, young doctor with a social conscience standing in front of you; you might want to consider getting ON THAT. They finally are both like, "Tomorrow evening then?" and go to leave, but a woman shows up at the doorway. Margaret begins to tell her that the class is finished for the evening, but of course this woman isn't here for the class, and OF COURSE she's Dr. Mason's fiancée, Helen. And if you thought it was the silence that was awkward before...

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