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You'd Be Surprised

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You'd Be Surprised

Margaret's at home, entertaining Cornelia, and they're going over the flyers for the women's clinic. Currently, it reads "Do you wish for Greater Knowledge?" and then makes mention of things like nutrition and infant care and "general health." Cornelia asks of seeing greater knowledge doesn't make the whole thing seem like she's advertising for a soothsayer or something. Margaret says she can't very well outright say, "Come discuss your vagina." Cornelia half-jokingly suggests adding a photo -- you know, of kittens. Margaret gives a rueful smile at this. Cornelia looks up from the table to see Owen Sleater enter the room, so of course she blushes like whoa. Right behind him is Nucky, an even more unexpected guest. Margaret excuses herself to speak with her husband, leaving Cornelia free to flirt with Owen at her leisure. The conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Thompson is chilly, with Nucky telling her he'll be out of town for a few days, but he wanted to check in on her and let her know there will be bodyguards. Margaret gets worried -- the bodyguards are one thing, but Nucky's concern is really alarming her. Nucky tries to assure her it's nothing, but she's learned so well to question his every word, action and motive. Finally, he just sighs and says he will be back in a few days. On his way out, Margaret asks Owen what this is all about. "He worries sometimes," Owen says flatly.

In Washington... okay, remember how I said about sprawling storylines that don't seem to connect much to the other stories? Like, obviously the power plays in Washington are going to end up trickling down to Nucky's level -- especially if Harry Daugherty goes down as attorney general. And clearly the legendary corruption of the Harding administration is rich thematic ground for a show like this. But on an episode-by-episode level, these scenes are death. We are introduced to James Cromwell as U.S. Treasury Secretary Andrew W. Mellon -- of Carnegie Mellon fame -- who is being called before Congress (including Nucky's old frenemy Senator Edge) to testify to the poor record of enforcement when it comes to prohibition. Mellon makes no secret of the fact that he finds prohibition to be bad policy and a huge waste of resources, but he also makes no bones about his feeling that a combination of corruption and incompetence in the Justice department is to blame for poor enforcement. Treasury controls the IRS -- i.e. the prohies -- but it's Justice which seems to dropping the ball when it comes to convicting bootleggers. Mellon moves and speaks slowly, deliberately, with great authority. Edge says they fully intend to call Attorney General Daugherty to testify as well, and it sure seems like he's in hot water. Outside, our old pal Jimmy James -- who, you'll recall, is acting as a go-between for Daugherty and his various criminal dependents -- sits and acts like a big ol' weirdo. Some young flunky exits the chambers and surreptitiously feeds him the bad news about how the proceedings are going for Daugherty.

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