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You'd Be Surprised

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You'd Be Surprised

Outside the office, Sleater and Luciano wait and try to avoid making awkward conversation. I halfway expected them to strike up a side deal like Lucky did with Jimmy last year. Finally, Rothstein emerges and tells Lucky they're moving on to other business. They hustle out and Sleater mills around, waiting for Nucky to come out and tell him something. He doesn't, and Sleater finds him in his office, staring out the window. "Anything I need to know?" Sleater asks. Nucky ignores the question and asks what time Billie's rehearsal is. So not all that concerned about being too caught up in Miss Kent, then?

In Chicago, Van Alden gets called into the boss's office at work and it seems like this is serious. Mr. Gulliver informs him that he's gotten a call from the IRS. Cloud of doom roll in over Van Alden's face, as he wonders if the jig is indeed up. It's a giant fakeout, of course. When Gulliver asks "Meuller" to explain where he worked before Chicago, Van Alden explains about working on a wheat farm in Minnesota. Rather than call him on his lie, Gulliver instead is like, "Well why didn't you write it on your employment form?" See? The IRS also handles tax stuff! Bet you thought you were going to see something interesting. Gulliver then hands Van Alden the card of the agent who came to see him, who says he met him in a speakeasy. The name is Emmett Coughlin, and he's the agent who thought he recognized Van Alden two episodes ago. Okay, so maybe the jig IS up. Gulliver jokes that "George" isn't planning on blowing the whistle on his co-workers, right? And Van Alden does that thing where he approximates the sounds of laughter but in reality sounds nothing like it.

Hey! We're at the Maison Derriere! And look, it's Leander! You remember Leander, of course. Town elder, calm demeanor, played by Uncle Junior from The Sopranos, seems to have a lot of power in Atlantic City even though he never really shows it? Look, I like Dominic Chianese and Gretchen Mol a lot, but at this point, what the hell is this storyline even doing here? I love a good sprawling TV drama with a billion characters to keep up with, but there are too many characters on this show that just float in their own separate ponds. Anyway, Gillian is seeking a loan to make improvements on the brothel, but Leander reminds her that she's still in the red and doesn't she have a partner anyway? She says she and Mr. Luciano differ on how best to run the place. She then tries to sell Leander on the brothel as a kind of dream palace, where all the men are young and ideal and all the women are pure -- doesn't every town need a place like that? Leander is only thinking of the practicalities and without the house to put down as collateral, a loan is out of the question. And she can't put the house down for collateral until it's hers to put down, and that can't happen until she has Jimmy declared legally dead. "He's prone to long disappearances!" she says, trying to fool herself more than anybody. "He's always been an adventurous boy..." Leander loses his patience and snaps at her: until Jimmy is declared dead, she had no claim and no credit and she's wasting an old man's time. He leaves Gillian to her self-delusion.

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