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You'd Be Surprised
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For the second consecutive week, we're reminded at the outset just what network we're watching by an explicit sex scene. This time, we're in Tabor Heights and it seems that Rosetti was indeed able to bed that redheaded waitress he had his eye on. Of course, Gyp Rosetti can't just have regular sex. Gyp Rosetti is a quirky gangster whose every gesture exudes an odd and off-kilter air. So while a guard sits outside his room, Gyp engages in super-freaky sex wherein the lady is choking him out with a leather belt from behind, while he -- deprived of oxygen -- rubs one out. When she starts to let up, out of a concern that she's perhaps choking him to death, he yells at her not to stop. He ends up passing out, but he's not dead. He's so hardcore and crazy and dangerous and unpredictable, you guys! This is why we watch cable dramas!

In Atlantic City, Arnold Rothstein and Lucky Luciano are meeting with Nucky and Sleater and Eli to discuss the Rosetti problem. Eli gives his account of the ambush and he even snaps back at Rothstein when the latter starts to intimate that Eli showed cowardice by just hanging back while it happened. Nucky actually lets him continue, showing that he's probably thawing on his wayward brother and Eli explains how, with Rosetting choking off the road through Tabor Heights and the backroads essentially impassable in the wintertime, there is no way to ship the booze to New York. Nucky even has to defend his million-dollar highway, which is still in development, though he manages to avoid the part where his wife signed the deed for the land over to her pastor. Nucky thanks Eli for his input and excuses him. Rothstein is just suuuper pissed about this state of affairs. He can't make a move against Rosetti without upsetting the delicate relationship he has with the guy Rosetti kicks up to: Joe Masseria. Rosetti doesn't have any respect for rules and is basically a mad dog, Nucky declares. That makes him bad for business. Rothstein asks Luciano and Sleater to give him and Nucky the room alone, and that's when shit stops being polite and starts getting real. Rothstein basically calls Nucky an amateur. Nucky's a convenience of geography and supply, nothing more. So when Nucky stops being able to handle his business in New Jersey ("a state I have little interest in or affection for..."), does he actually expect him to start a war in New York, "where things actually matter?!" A+ shade there, Arnold. Nucky tries to once again make the case that Rosetti is a problem for everyone, but Rothstein stays on the offensive, accusing Nucky of running off to New York at a moment's notice "to rut with a showgirl." Nucky warns him to leave Miss Kent out of this, but Rothstein's like, "You can't." The accusations still fly: Nucky calls Rothstein "dead below the waist" and a "little weasel with a good poker face." Bam! Bam!

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