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Purnsley Breaks All the Commandments

Back over to the brokerage now, where Margaret's returning to her desk, where her co-worker tells her Bennett just buzzed and she's on. Margaret retrieves a wedding ring from her desk and slips it on before heading into Bennett's office.

It's in there that she delivers the same message about Mr. Bennett needing to get ready for his meeting with the Cunard people. This time, however, the mark has his back to us and didn't even look around when Margaret came in, which is conspicuous enough so that we already know we're going to know this person is when he eventually does turn around, which he does when Bennett introduces him as "Abe Redstone.' It's Arnold Rothstein, and Margaret visibly falters at the sight of him, and can't even finish saying it's a pleasure to make his acquaintance. He maintains his composure much better, even playing along, all "Mrs.… Rowan, was it?" He's much more adept at the improvisation and as he gets up, takes her hand and says he has the distinct impression that they've met. She couldn't look more obviously lying as she says she's sure he's mistaken. Then he comes up with something: gloves! "You attended to me at Best and Company. Finer men's accessories?" Again, Margaret fails to oblige him and says she's never worked there, so he gives up and says, "My mistake."

So Bennett attempts to get the Anaconda con back on track, and explains he was just telling "Redstone" that he advised her husband to get into Anaconda, except now Margaret has lost her ability to follow a script too, especially when Rothstein is asking questions like, "And what does your husband do? (Answer: sells railroad equipment). Margaret's all, "Yeah, hubby bought in", and Bennett tries to steer things back to the "Didn't you talk him out of it?" routine. Margaret lamely is all, "Oh yeah, we lost everything thanks to not buying into Anaconda" and then excuses herself, saying she's not feeling well. The men watch her leave, and Rothstein turns to Bennett after she's gone. "Nervous type," he says.

At the Onyx Club, Chalky meets with Narcisse to give the good doctor his cut, which is envelope full of a good chunk of change. It's been a good week, says Chalky, which Narcisse interprets to mean Daughter Maitland has been a success. "She all right," says Chalky, noncommittally, and Purnsley says from behind Chalky that she's putting asses in the seats. Before Purnsley can completely destroy his bargaining position, Chalky figures he'd better get to it, and says he wants to extend Daughter's run. Narcisse says it's impossible, because she's committed to appear in Louisville next weekend. Chalky suggests Louisville find someone else, so the bargaining begins. Narcisse isn't overly enamored of Chalky's initial offering, which is the whisky he already offered, and counters with the permission to open a chapter of his negro improvement club on the North Side. What with its lofty goals and congenial-sounding activities like the "free exchange of ideas," Chalky's hard-pressed to come up with a reason to say no, and he even looks to Purnsley, who kind of shrugs. "The good people of Louisville will do without her another month," says Narcisse.

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