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Purnsley Breaks All the Commandments

We leave The New Adventures Of Old Mrs. Rowan for O'Banion's greenhouse, where he's meeting with Johnny Torrio. O'Banion complains that Al's not listening to reason. "He's grieving," Torrio points out, adding that Al suspects O'Banion, who swears he had nothing to do with it. Torrio says he believes Dean, and they move on to other matters, like Torrio reluctantly taking a brewery off O'Banion's hands. O'Banion also wants some of Greektown, which Johnny says he can't do. O'Banion points out that he helped him take Cicero, and now Torrio can't give him a "few lousy blocks" that border his own territory? Torrio's opinion is that his payoff is half a million for the brewery that he needs like a hole in the head. O'Banion's all, "If you think that squares us, then fine," and Torrio's mad because O'Banion obviously doesn't think so. Think on it some more, he snaps, and stomps out of the greenhouse.

Gillian's going through withdrawal, groaning and crying, Roy sitting by the bed, offering a little water (maybe?) when needed, a bucket to vomit in, too. When things calm down somewhat, she tells him that she dreamed she died. "I'm sorry," she says, in a brief reprieve before the pain starts again.

At the Onyx, Daughter's on stage with the fan dancers, singing a decidedly more up-tempo and upbeat song than last week: "Ain't Nobody Wants My Baby But Me." Or maybe it's "My Baby Don't Want Nobody But Me", which probably makes more sense for a song. Upstairs, Gaston Means watches, and praises her "impressive set of pipes," which is apparently some new slang that "the youngsters" are using. Nucky's not paying attention, as he's preoccupied with a thin file of info that Gaston Means has on Knox. There's not much there, apart from the time Knox got the mumps. Well, you never know when that information might come in handy! Nucky's not impressed with: a) the lack of information, and b) Gaston joking about it. Means also doesn't have anything to offer on the JMT, other than the John Muerr Trail, which, as lovely a Sierra Nevada hiking trail as I'm sure it is, is unlikely to be monogrammed on a handkerchief.

As for Elliot, all Means has been able to find out is that he retired from the Bureau and sold his home without so much as a forwarding address. Nucky points out that he didn't even say goodbye. "You ever wake up, have a vague feeling of unease? Like something's wrong but you can't put your finger on it yet," says Nucky. Gaston says that when that happens, he goes back to sleep. Well, that's clearly not so much an option in this instance. And we go back down to the floor, where, as usual Chalky is staring at Daughter the entire time she performs.

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