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Purnsley Breaks All the Commandments

Lucky protests that Joe buried things with Nucky, and the guy who I'm trying to figure out is all, "You forgive that easily? Good to know!" We know Lucky is already aware Joe is still talking about revenge against Nucky, despite the payoff. Anyway, Lucky suggests crossing him and finding out. Just how quickly he forgives. It's no great shock that Petrucelli called Joe, and Lucky tells Joe he turned down the deal. Joe knows that, too. (I love Lucky's look of "Well, why's everyone breaking balls?" here). They've got a different deal in mind: Petrucelli's the biggest importer of heroin in the southeast since he slit some other guy's throat during Mardi Gras or something. It doesn't matter. They want Lucky to go back to Tampa, and talk to Petrucelli. "Those trucks he sends up here with the rum? Maybe they carry something for us too," says Masseria, and Lucky looks a little unsure about the whole thing.

Over to Temple University, where things between Willie and Doris have progressed to the point that they're lying around naked in bed where Willie is smoking, blowing it out an open window. Doris reading a story in the Anvil Times about how Leopold and Loeb were reading Nietzsche and thought they were supermen who could get away with murder. Doris shares Willie's cigarette and breezily talks about the "God is Dead nonsense" in Thus Spake Zarathustra, and they lie back down on the bed. "You believe in God, don't you?" she asks Willie, who snaps that of course he does, and wonders why she would even ask that. She says she didn't mean anything by it, and snuggles in, but he gets up and starts getting dressed, and she's much nicer to him about staying versus going than he deserves. He's kind of a dick about whether she wants him to or not, and she playfully pulls him back to the bed, only to talk about how they should use his room next time. They talk about Clayton, and how Clayton's parents gave everything to the Salvation Army. He gets up and continues getting dressed, and he won't be lying back down. "First those boys back in Chicago, now Clayton. When'd you get so morbid?" he asks. She assures she was just making conversation. "Why don't you make it with someone else?" he says. Double meaning! He stomps out, saying he'll see her tomorrow, leaving her staring, mouth agape at the door. Doris, the only other Temple students I'm familiar with here are either dead or in jail, but I'm fairly certain you can do better.

Back to Margaret's workplace, where Margaret's chatting with one of the other women in theā€¦ is this a "steno pool"? Is that what this is? Anyway, Bennett comes over to praise the way Margaret reeled in Buddy back in his office for $5,000 in Anaconda. Margaret -- rather naively for someone who helped with a bit of a con job -- asks if the guy will make money. Bennett's all "meh" and says it's a real estate trust with a lot of stocks, most of them dogs, some with less fleas than others. He's not saying the guy won't make money. As for Margaret, he smoothly talks about an "immediate fiscal gain" and presses a ten dollar bill into her palm and strolls off. "And to think I considered waitressing," says Margaret, putting the money in her purse.

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