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Purnsley Breaks All the Commandments

Over in Cicero, Al -- clearly hopped up on coke, which we can tell thanks to the sniffing and the generally manic actions -- comes in to Torrio's office. Torrio points at a headline about a police officer slain in a curbside execution and wants to know if it was Al. Al plays dumb (not exactly convincingly) and then starts ranting about wanting to take down O'Banion for Frank's sake, even though Torrio says Al's got nothing to put O'Banion in it. Just a dozen mick cops who wouldn't even let Frank get his hands up. "They hit nobody but Frank! A whole crowd of people?" Al figures they were after him, even though it wouldn't have been difficult to get Al too if that's what they wanted.

Torrio chalks it up to Chicago police being Chicago police, and if Al really wants to go up against them, they'll send the army down. "We're not starting a war," says Torrio flatly, who adds he's got business with O'Banion that Al is not to impede. It's the most forceful we've seen Torrio in a while -- ever? -- and he's so worked up that when Al's goon brings Torrio the steak that the coked-up Al ordered for him, Torrio throws it against the wall. Hey, don't take it out on the steak! It's not the steak's fault! A furious Al kicks the wall as he leaves. Sure hope Torrio's not renting!

Then we spend a good thirty seconds watching a couple of suits in New York discussing an investment in something called Anaconda Realty. Just when you're really starting to doubt your own memory (were these guys obliquely referred to midway through Season 2 and we're supposed to remember them?) Margaret comes in the door to let her boss, Mr. Bennett, know that he's got that meeting with the Cunard people. She's on her way out the door when Bennett calls "Mrs. Rowan" back to ask if he didn't put her husband in Anaconda, and Margaret embarrassingly has to tell Bennett that he did advise her husband (huh?) to do so, but they've got "four wee ones" (huh??) and it was a risk, so she talked him out of it. "Oh, you didn't," says Bennett. It's a fortune down the drain, apparently. "It's a woman's place to tend to the home. It's a man's place to tend to the future," says Margaret. Oh no! Where's feminist Margaret?! She's dismissed, and the other guy in the room's all, "So, Anaconda Realty, huh?" Ahhhh, now I see what's going on here.

In a restaurant, Frankie Yale (good god, this episode is lousy with minor characters reappearing after a long absence) is increasingly impatient waiting for forty minutes for someone with Joe Masseria and another guy I don't recognize. They're waiting for Lucky Luciano, who is somewhat surprised to see anyone other than Joe there when he shows up. Joe tells him to sit, and then he and the other gangsters start in with the "You look good, got some color in your face" and "Been out in the sun?" banter. Lucky tells them all to cut the shit as they clearly all know he was down to Tampa on business with Meyer and Nucky Thompson…right?

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