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Purnsley Breaks All the Commandments

Speaking of JMT handkerchiefs, there's Knox sneezing into one now, sitting at a table in a Bureau office with Hoover and… hey, it's Esther Randolph! I forgot all about her! I do like her so much. At the other end of the table, some dude is served a breakfast of sausage and eggs. Esther asks what's wrong, and the guy says, "Remus wanted hotcakes." Oh, it's third person referential George Remus! Jesus, speaking of people I'd forgotten about. Hoover snaps that he is a federal prisoner, and Remus says, "Remus is also a cooperating witness." Esther promises they'll stop at the Mayflower later, and Remus flicks the plate away from him in disgust.

Down to business: Knox reminds Remus that when they spoke in January, Remus said Enoch Thompson was the linchpin of the network of organized crime and Remus says, "That's what you said." Apparently it was Remus's opinion that Nucky is a piece of dog shit. I mean, both could be true. Knox ratchets up the severity of his tone and says he'd like Remus to confirm that for Hoover, and reluctantly, Remus does: "Remus confirms it."

Esther asks Remus if Nucky did business with him in Cincinnati. "Remus rues the day," says Remus, and Hoover has had it so up to here with the third-person that he orders Remus to stop it under threat of being transferred to Leavenworth. The agents quiz him on what's up with Nucky and Tampa, but Remus genuinely seems to know nothing about it. Knox dismisses him, but even after he leaves, Hoover's not convinced since every time Remus talks he gets out of jail for the day with hot meals and a cushy hotel room. Esther points out Remus gave them Harry Daugherty, but Hoover says that was just one guy.

"I haven't even been sworn in yet, and you're asking me to commit tens of thousands more into building a conspiracy case." Esther asks him to think of the headlines twelve arrests in one fell swoop would bring, and Hoover's more worried about the headlines if he fails: "New Bureau Chief Lays An Egg." I would be happy for them to sit around coming up with quaint headlines for at least five minutes, but Hoover reminds Knox he was promised a week link in Nucky's organization. Knox says he's working on it, at which point another agent comes in to say there's a phone call for Agent Tolliver. So, that's one mystery solved. Once Knox/Tolliver leaves, Esther says it might behoove Hoover to go along with the plan, because the new attorney general thinks it's a good one. Hoover looks like he does think that's a good reason.

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