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Purnsley Breaks All the Commandments

And now we see that his drinking companion is Gaston Means, which did surprise me. Gaston's all, "Yeah, speaking of undercover work, genius, maybe you should leave the handkerchiefs monogrammed WITH YOUR REAL INITIALS at home?" "Don't tell me what to do, Means," slurs Knox, adding he's the only one standing between Means and a jail cell. So that's going on. Knox also says he shouldn't be surprised, since Hoover was the same way in law school. Always taking credit for others' extensive undercover criminal investigation? Means notes the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

This casts an even more serious pall over the next scene, which kicks off with a drunk, angry Eli stumbling up the sidewalk to his house carrying an open bottle of liquor, where he finds Nucky waiting on the deck. Before Eli even goes up the steps, he says Nucky can lay claim to Atlantic City, and that's fine. "This house? This family? This is mine," says Eli, staggering up the steps, muttering darkly about Nucky putting his hands on him in his own home. "Was I supposed to let you kill the kid?" asks Nucky. Eli settles onto the porch loveseat and asks what the fuck Nucky knows about kids. "Nothing ever came from you. You never had a family," he says. (Shea Whigham does drunk really well). "Mabel died trying to give Nucky a son", Eli points out and you can imagine how well that goes over with Nucky, but he chalks the whole thing up to "whisky and bad timing." He leaves, parting by telling Eli that Willie's a good kid, but like his father, sometimes acts without thinking. "My family, Nucky. My goddamn family!" yells Eli, but Nucky's already gone.

Over in Cicero, Al Capone welcomes Johnny Torrio back, with Ralph apparently having secured Johnny's bond. That is a lot more useful than what Al has been doing, which it seems is a lot of coke and hookers. Johnny starts griping about spending the day in jail, while Al and Ralph let him know that O'Banion had his charges dropped an hour after the raid. Also damning is that the cops knew exactly when and where to be, just like with Frank, and O'Banion gets away scot-free. Just like with Frank. Anyway, Johnny Torrio's tired and heading for bed. Al asks if there's anything he needs, and Torrio says he's fine. Oh, except for this: "Kill that Irish fuck." Al looks like, "Boss, I was thinking maybe a steak, but okay!"

And who's sitting on the steps of the Albatross when Nucky's car comes rolling up? Willie Thompson. When Nucky gets out, Willie apologizes, but Nucky's mad, especially because Willie didn't call him first. "If you're trying to impress me, you're off to a very poor start," he says, adding that he needs men around him who he can trust, who can keep their wits. "I will. I can. I will," says Willie, rather nervously. Nucky tells him to go home and get some rest, but Willie protests his dad will be there -- drunk -- and it would just upset his mother. Nucky can't really argue with that, so he tells Willie to stay at the Albatross tonight, and they'll talk in the morning.

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