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Purnsley Breaks All the Commandments

Hoover stands up amidst the applause, thanks the AG and kisses up to Mellon, and then starts rambling about how he's known many of them for years. And heck, he and Jim Tolliver went to law school together! Anyway, those who know him know he won't stand for corruption, and those who don't will soon find out. He says the previous administration was "lax, shall we say" on corruption. Oh, poor Warren G. Harding! What did he do to deserve…hang on while I look something up on Wikipedia. … ohhhhhhh. Carry on, J. Edgar.

"I stand before you vowing that will change," he says, and then he starts pontificating about how his recent personal extensive investigative work has revealed a vast criminal organization at work in the country. Agent Knox (can't decide if I should start calling him Tolliver or not) starts frowning, and Esther Randolph has an "Oh no he didn't" look on his face. Knox stomps out while Hoover explains his plans to dismantle said organization. (Dude, it's $5 a plate! A lot of money back then).

Gillian has recovered to the point that she's now bringing Roy food in bed. It seems important to note that Roy's shirtless. He tells her she's going to spoil him, and she warmly says he has no idea. Time for some more kissing! He asks why she's smiling, and she says it's a secret. "It's the secrets that undo us", he says, so she invites him to tell her one of his. (Roy, keep any circle-jerk stories to yourself!) "You remember when we first met, I told you I was married?" he says. Gillian says yes, looking like she's suddenly regretting asking for a secret. "The day after I met you, I began divorce proceedings." Gillian's face creases a little bit. She may be a junky kicking a debilitating habit while searching for someone to love, but even that sounds a little extreme. But it's her turn to share a secret: why was she smiling? "I was smiling because you make me feel something I haven't felt in a very long time," she says, and he asks what that is. "Happiness", she says, and then they're kissing again.

Now we get to enjoy the hypocrisy of a Prohibition agent getting drunk in a speakeasy. Well, at least it's a classy, upscale place where an agent can get a drink. Knox is clearly drunk, and he's muttering about Hoover's gall to talk about how he just came to the realization. The camera zooms in over the shoulder of Knox's drinking companion. Again, this person's back is conspicuously all we can see, meaning we're going to get a bit of a reveal here. "I'm the one who sold him on the whole conspiracy angle," says Knox, who essentially added, "Who's got two thumbs and is running a huge undercover operation? This guy!"

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