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Purnsley Breaks All the Commandments

Now we're over to Daughter Maitland, who is riding Chalky White like the 4:15 to Pittsburgh. With things taken care of, she disembarks and has some water while he lights a cigarette. Chalky tells her she "Ain't packin' no bags just yet." She's happy with that, and says she wishes she wasn't packing them ever again. She starts tracing patterns on his chest. Chalky asks what Narcisse is like. "He's smart", she says, "Lots of people look up to him." He asks if he treats her good. "Not as good as you," she says. Chalky asks if he's "kin or something?", a question that cools Daughter's ardor. She stops playing with Chalky's chest hair and turns her back on him to go to sleep.

That's when she launches into her back story. Her mother was a prostitute, who always put her in the closet when she had business, and told her not to peek. "Sometimes I did," she explains, adding that the ladies always had a jar of lye they kept under the bed, in case the john got rough or "acted a fool." One time she saw her mom swing the jar, and the man reacted like he got lit on fire. "She didn't take no mess," says Chalky. "Nope, she did not", says Daughter. But it cost her mother. "That man choked her 'til she didn't move no more," she says. Chalky asks if the guy was caught, and we're told everything we need to know when Daughter doesn't answer that but says Dr. Narcisse found her and put his wings around her ever since. Naturally, Chalky wants to know if she and Narcisse ever had sex, and she assures him they didn't. "He's a decent man," she explains, and Chalky takes a little exception to that. "So what that make me?" he says, indignantly. "That make you my man," says Daughter. Got a heart like a rock cast in the sea!

She asks about a year-long engagement at The Onyx, and Chalky sits up. Hey, he's enjoying the sex and all, but he's gotta think about that. "Pharoah can make all things pass," she says. Chalky points out that Pharaoh "ain't had no partners.' So Nucky Thompson might have a problem with it, but Chalky says Nucky is the good kind of partner: the solid kind.

So Daughter gets up -- revealing an ass made by someone very close to God -- to get dressed and go rehearse, to show Chalky why he can't live without her. She asks if he shouldn't be getting home. Home is wherever she is, he tells her (don't come on too strong or anything, Chalky) and she smiles.

Now over to a banquet hosted by the attorney general, attended by Agent Knox, Esther Randolph and Treasury secretary Andrew Mellon, who upon being buttered up by the AG jokes if that's an attempt to stick his department with the bill, he can forget it. And Hoover's there too, introduced by the AG as one of President Coolidge's key appointments of his administration "whose integrity, zeal and sense of morality knows no bounds." And on a clear day, his ears can pick up KCRW from Los Angeles!

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