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Purnsley Breaks All the Commandments
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We open with one of those old time-y pinhole fade-in effects, letting us see the headline about Leopold and Loeb being grilled in a child murder case. The full view shows us that a policeman on the street is reading the Chicago American, right before Al Capone strides up and, without a word, shoots him in the face, setting bystanders screaming, and then hops into a getaway vehicle and speeds off. The crowd gathers around the dead policeman. They appear to be motivated more by curiosity than concern. Did 911 exist back then? I don't think anyone's calling it anyway.

Eli has gone to see Nucky to show him Agent Knox's handkerchief with the JMT monogram (the large middle T being a last name, making more sense than the JTM that I read last week). Nucky's not too worried about it. Eli's not sure it's a big deal and either just says it's weird. "Who carries around another man's handkerchief?" he asks, and Nucky points out that apparently Eli has been doing just that himself. Eli says Knox just gave it to him to blow his nose, and Nucky, again rather logically –- albeit, erroneously -- says maybe someone gave it to Knox so he could blow his. Oh, for a time when men would loan each other their fabrics sodden with human excreta! At any rate, Eli wants to get Knox's boss on the horn, for peace of mind.

So Nucky bellows for "Sid," who is the new Eddie, only if Eddie were overweight and stupid. It takes some doing for Nucky to get his message across that he wants Sid to get Agent Elliot on the phone, and the brothers Thompson roll their eyes at each other while poor Sid lumbers off. He's doing his best, guys! Eddie's a tough act to follow!

Eli asks what the word is from Tampa, and Eli says they get the first shipment in a few days. Eli heard about the black eye, too, and is not buying Nucky's "I walked into a door" excuse, and I wonder if it has ever happened in real life that someone has blackened an eye walking into a door. I feel bad for whoever does that, because no one will ever believe it. Not even Eli, who hasn't seen that excuse used on television a thousand times! And it turns out that no one in Florida did believe Nucky's "rogue possum" excuse, because Eli talked to McCoy, and hears that Sally is a real pistol. Nucky calls McCoy a fucking idiot, adding "I banged a door." "After you banged her," says Eli, and Nucky appears to realize it's pointless to continue denying it.

Anyway, Sid comes back in to say he couldn't get a hold of Agent Elliot —and he couldn't leave a message because the proxy he talked to said Elliot doesn't work there anymore. This troubles Nucky, while Eli looks at him all, "You see? You see?"

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