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We Got a Great Big Convoy
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Eli -- unshaven, looking tired, sitting in a coffee shop with Knox and Selby -- stirs milk into his coffee and shares vague details about a guy named "Balanchuk" who he worked with once or twice when Balanchuk was a runner for Johnny Torrio. The agents are a little perplexed about the Ukrainian name, given Torrio’s propensity for working only with Italians. "But it’s a syndicate, for Chrissake," Eli points out, and says there’s all kinds of grease balls. Even Jews! Aw, the unity of organized crime. There’s room for Italian and Jewish grease balls!

Eli assures Knox that Balanchuk is high up the ladder, Torrio’s second. Knox and Selby apparently don’t have any reason to know that Eli is feeding them a line of shit, and then Eli’s distracted when he sees a sailor sitting at the coffee shop counter. "My dad was a seadog," he explains to the agents. "See the world," says Selby, quoting an old recruitment slogan, and Knox says (and you’d really think he was sympathetic) that he bets that sounds good to Eli right about now. "I know this is difficult. But what you’re doing takes courage," he assures Eli, adding that he’s a good father. It’s just too bad that a quick glance at Selby and a slight pursing of the lips suggests it’s all he can do to keep from busting out laughing. The agents slide from the booth, leaving Eli alone to look miserable.

Down to Tampa, where a motorboat slowly makes its way up to the dock at Rumrunner Central under the cover of night with Sally Wheet and McCoy and a crew of men waiting. Then there is some background chatter of the show’s trademark on-the-nose kind (it's barely audible, so closed-captioning helps) while the men load up. But it’s not fast enough for Sally, who gets on McCoy’s back about how the trucks need to be on the road in a half-hour. He protests that he’s been at sea for three weeks, so he’s just catching up with those alligator-wrestling hillbillies who threatened him before (so I guess everything’s all copacetic?). Those dudes are passing a bottle back and forth and eying Sally appreciatively, and bothering her with their "looks like a woman" and "in the right light, I suppose" comments. Sally knocks the bottle out of Hillbilly Jim’s hand and expresses doubt that these "pole jockeys" would have any idea what a woman looks like, and tells them to get their asses back to work.

Now here’s Sally sneaking around the compound like Nancy Drew to a smaller building nearby. She discovers Petrucelli, Luciano and Lansky loading up some smaller crates with oranges and heroin, and talking about how Charles and Meyer should bring Joe down with them next time. Sally accidentally makes a noise and Lucky comes out to see who’s there (making me wonder why one of them isn’t keeping watch already) but she’s long gone.

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