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What Does the Bee Do?

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What Does the Bee Do?
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At Mickey Doyle's distillery, Jimmy is checking on their vast stash of booze. Just crates and crates of the stuff; they're running out of space in the warehouse. Mickey's impressed, in his wheezy, unsettling way. Next summer, Jimmy tells him, the plan is to be the biggest distributor in the whole northeast. He gets his payment from Mickey, and then leaves with Harrow.

Elsewhere, the HBO portion of the evening kicks in, with Gillian dancing for the Commodore. Her breasts only halfway covered, she's performing one of her burlesque routines for the old coot. She is Diana, daughter of Jupiter, and no man may look upon her nakedness as she bathes, et cetera. Once Commodore is allowed to peek at her, he likes what he sees. But he says he never liked the idea of her dancing for others. She tells him he should have married her, then, but he says he had a city to run. Gillian: "I understand. I always have." Still dancing, as she brings up Jimmy, and how happy she is that he's under the Commodore's wing, after all this time. "You're going to take care of him, aren't you?" she says. Shimmy, shimmy. Pretty clear the game she's running here, though Commodore is likely too preoccupied to notice. "Get your ass over here," he says gleefully, and Gillian strips down fully. She grabs her bow and arrow prop at bounces an arrow off of the Commodore's chest. It's all very PG-13 smutty, and then the Commodore starts shaking. He's not responding. Gillian calls to him, but no response. "Louis? LOUIS!" Yeah, well, that's the danger when you're sexing up old millionaires. They could always stroke out.

Nucky and Margaret are home with the kids. He says he won't be home for dinner tonight, as its Ed Bader's birthday. Just a small little celebration at the Ritz. Owen Sleater shows up, eagerly greeted by Katy. Not sure whether it's Katy being smitten with the guy that turns Margaret off or if it's how much he reminds her of Ireland (and all that attendant business), but she's incredibly cold to the both of them. "Top o' the mornin'," Nucky says. "Isn't that what you people say?" Sleater smiles and says, "We also fix your shoes if you leave them out at night." Katy laughs (it's a pretty adorable joke), but Margaret is totally unimpressed. After he leaves, Margaret grouses to Nucky that the guy's a little "cheeky," though she has to explain to Nucky what "cheeky" means. He tells Margaret that Sleater serves a purpose, though he declines to elaborate. He then hands Margaret a stack of cash for the weekly expenses, plus a little extra for the staff. Margaret, whose opinion on the staff has taken a serious nosedive since she was caught boozing with them last week, is all, "What the hell for, man?" Nucky's like, um, for appreciation? And also because they make just above nothing? Margaret says they shouldn't be frivolous with money. Nucky says it's a pittance for them but a windfall for the servants. Margaret: "You do know they steal from us. It's what servants do." She'd know, I guess. Nucky says yes, and they pretend not to notice, and life goes on. This isn't sitting well with Margaret, who grumbles, "No one ever gave ME a bonus."

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